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E-Scooters, soon to be made legal on public roads, says ‘Transport Revolution.’

E-Scooters, soon to be made legal on public roads, says ‘Transport Revolution.’

E-scooters have been an important part of every other household’s life. Not only because they are cheap but also because of how comfortable and easy they are to ride. The only drawback of owning an e-scooter used to be the limited legalized area you can ride it in. But thanks to the new ‘transport revolution,’ the government has proposed to make e-scooters legal.

By making the e-scooters legal, it means that a person can ride it even on public roads. Before this proposal was initiated, the government used to fine £300 for riding it on an open road, without any further consideration. In case any e-scooter is found on the public road, footpath, or even pavements, you will be fined immediately. Riding an e-scooter in public roads caused you not only an immediate fine but also 6 points on your driving license, along with a penalty notice.

The reason behind this drastic proposal has been cited as ‘going green.’ It is a fact that e-scooters are far more economical and can also help in promoting a green and safe environment. 

In a press conference, while announcing the proposal, Grant Shapps, who is the Transport Secretary, said, “We are on the cusp of a transport revolution. Emerging technologies are ripping up the rule book and changing the way people and goods move forever. Our ground-breaking future of transport programs marks the biggest review of transport laws in a generation. It will pave the way for exciting new transport technology to be tested, cementing the UK’s position as a world-leading innovator”.

He further added, “This review will ensure we understand the potential impacts of a wide range of new transport modes such as e-scooters, helping to inform any decisions on legalization properly. Funding these new zones across the country will also help us safely test innovative ways to get around, creating a greener future transport system for us all”.

According to the Transport Government, they will be testing the proposal majorly in four areas of the UK, to see if it works out well. The instant the test goes well, the UK government will be legalizing e-scooters all over the country. The government intends to find a new and alternative solution for transportation to be greener, smarter, and easier.

The electric scooter legalization is a part of a bigger motive, where drones along e-scooters will be pilot tested for delivery of medical supplies around the four big areas of the UK, which is Portsmouth and Southampton, Derby and Nottingham, the West of England, and the West Midlands. The entire pilot test is going to cost around £90m. The project will be overseen by experts on the field that will be working around large bodies like hospitals, universities, councils, and airports.

The review not only considers legalizing e-scooter for public roads, but the government will also be paying close interest to the safety of the riders. The government plans on setting an age bar for the rider, as well as safety protocols that will be needed to follow. Other than that, insurance of the vehicle will be a must. The proposal will also be considered if the local authorities need to be given extra power to maintain law and order around riding an e-scooter.

An e-scooter runs on a battery that needs to be charged for almost 7 to 8 hours. The battery will last for 1 hour while riding and is considered to be a very environment-friendly solution as it does not emit any toxic gas. The speed in most e-scooters remains constant, and they come in various designs and seating. The cost for e-scooters also falls in a very affordable range and can be bought by anyone. They also serve as a good alternative for people that do not wish to use their car to visit a nearby shop or mall.

An e-scooter is very similar in that it works like the normal scooter. Some e-scooters come with a throttle to start, whereas some come with a button. The designs of e-scooters vary in many ways depending upon the age limit set for it. The handle and deck distance also matters. For the elderly, some e-scooters are also provided with a seat and a luggage rack.

Some of the costly e-scooters come with a good balance and proper resistance to jumps and bumps. Most elderly people have complained about riding a normal scooter where the bumps hurt their back. And that is where the e-scooter comes in.

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