Edutainment is the New TV Trend, Samsung Study Reveals

As normal for us has changed over the past few weeks, amid the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are looking for better ways to entertain themselves. It is quite clear from the research that has been revealed by Samsung Electronics, which states how viewing habits of users at home have changed in the past few weeks and what they have evolved into.

The research conducted by the company took a poll of 2000 UK adults, and the results now indicate that screen time has increased, but a new aspect of ‘edutainment’ has also come into being. Many also say that what they watch during the day, including the TV shows they watch, has become the sole source of contact between people outside their homes.

One in every six people in the poll has admitted to TV as their primary source of contact with others and entertainment in these tough times. Given this, the result that 61% of respondents’ kids’ TV time has also gone up, is not surprising. It rather comes out as an obvious result.

It is not just adults looking towards the use of TV to socialize, but one in every three respondents mentioned that their children are also doing the same to socialize with their friends and the family. Well-positioned insight with this also is the fact that watching television has become very close to homeschooling. 40 percent of the survey said that TV is also a source for their kids to learn as they are watching more educational programs.

It is not surprising that the edutainment wave doesn’t settle down with just children. Adults have admitted that they have been watching documentaries and tutorials themselves, which has helped them to maximize the time being spent at home. Over one-fifth of the survey, takers have said that they have made good use of their time by learning new recipes and crafts. Many have even acknowledged ditching prime time TV so that they could perfect the crafts they have been at. 

The edutainment trend takes a further step into intergenerational gaming, which also seems to be the fuel to keep it up. Out of ten, at least one has confessed to using games to socialize and connect with friends in the past weeks. It is also noteworthy that many respondents have mentioned how they spend their time teaching other family members as well about games so they could engage in proper play. 

This research has shared very interesting insights by Samsung, which also hints towards how TV has become a central part of what viewers consider quality entertainment. It also adds insights into how people have managed to cope with such tough times wherein we have been forced to stay inside our homes. The user base also seems to be expanding, given intergenerational relations have become better during this time. 

Dan Hastings, Director, TV, and AV, Samsung Electronics UK, has mentioned that “It is truly heart-warming to see how generations have been able to reunite virtually through screen time.” He also adds that TV, as a central aspect, has kept families connected and is more than just entertainment.


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