Eemax Witnesses Record Sales of Mini-tank Water Heater

Eemax has been witnessing its sales on an all-time high. The company has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of water heaters in the United States. However, what has caused such an abrupt increase in the sales of its water heaters is the increasing demand from hospitals.

The global pandemic may have caused life and death situations for millions of industries and businesses out there. But, oftentimes, we hear of businesses that are flourishing like never before. One such case is that of Eemax, who has been a provider of water heaters in the US.

EMT or the mini electric tank that is made by Eemax is a compact water heater. This heater is right now available in 1, 2.5, 4, and 6-gallon models. The heaters from this company have been in service for nearly 3 decades now. The company has been providing water heaters for public offices and common areas. The heaters give out warm water for washing hands. 

It has been set up in various mobile stations that encourage frequent washing of hands. These water machines find their purpose at most of the makeshift hospitals and testing sites. These days, the govt. Has enhanced focus on homeless shelters where these machines have been installed. Earlier, we had industrial plants and construction sites having a large number of these water tanks and heaters installed.

A number of places where a gathering of workers used to work before the lockdown used to benefit from the warm water oozing out of the heaters. Just when they thought their utility would come to a dismal and weary halt, the hospitals have blown the fresh lease of life into the industry. As more and more restaurants, retailers, and schools have joined the fight against Coronavirus, the need for these miniature tank water heaters has risen.

The disease mandates frequent washing of hands. As such, it becomes pertinent that the places of public importance are stuffed with all basic utilities, one of which is a steady gush of warm water and soap to wash hands.

The company is working on the most energy-efficient solution to water heating. The touch-free wash stations of the engineering company, UMC, were sent a number of these 2 or 4 sinks basins, each of them supported with a touch-free faucet and a steady stream of warm water for washing the hands. All of these had soap dispensers to apply before running the water and washing.

The sinks or basins at the wash stations have a distance of 6 feet between two successive basins. It is important so as to enforce social distancing requirements. The one with two sinks can help with up to 120 hand washes per hour if we calculate for an average hand wash. Similarly, the number is doubled with the four sink version, which easily fetches around 240 washes per hour.

At job sites, these are being installed to persuade the employees on increased hand washing. Each of these washing stations comes with a stainless steel sink, pump bracket, two-handle faucet, gallon bottle, and piped drain. Each of these components is completely assembled and ready to use immediately.

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