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Electric Citi Bikes make a fresh comeback after braking malfunction caused removal

Citi bikes are in for a re-launching rollout

Electric Citi Bikes have made a fresh re-entry to the mainstream, and it is a happy event for all bikers. The popular bikes were once the part of the nation’s largest bike-share system. Now, as the rollout begins, the operators wish to procure 4,000 e-bikes to be included in the numbers by the time this year ends.

Citi Bike will start to include hundreds of e-bikes starting this week to its web of around nine hundred stations in New York City. The inclusion will be increased overtime over the coming months. Due to the malfunctioning of brakes in the bikes last year, a number of people had got injured. Thus, hundreds of pedal-assist bikes had to be taken out of the fleet.

The last time when the bikes had stopped after temporary removal, there were dozens of injuries. Many bikers had been reported to have struck and fallen over the front handlebars following a host of problems in the braking. The issue, as per many reports, had worsened since the front wheel had locked up on its own. One biker had severe injuries after he flipped off his electric Citi Bike. The injury was so bad that he broke his hip.

The top speed of the bikes is 18 mph, and this speed is fine, but not a lot. But for longer distances, they can surely be trusted to drive their riders comfortably. The new inclusion has also made its chiefs to point out that this time the bikes have been totally redesigned, which involves the addition of some new wheels and the incorporation of a new braking system. Not just that, but the mileage has also been checked, and new batteries have been put in.

Thus, the bikes might look familiar but are quite revamped. The bikes are quite heavy, weighing around 70 pounds each. Their parent company Lyft has already started working in the direction of a revamping in the pricing and excluding the requirement of a flat fee, which is levied on the basis of charge per minute usage of the electric vehicle.

For the testing phase, the parent company Lyft made it a point to ride the bikes in real conditions and check for all the pitfalls and strengths and have worked upon everything to ensure smooth driving and an enjoyable trip. The bikes have been put under stressful and exhaustive testing conditions also, a system of test that involves modeling and simulation, as per the product manager at the biking venture Gary Shambat, who looked and supervised during the electric bikes testing phase.

In the bikes, there will be a rear hub attached to the frame, and this would function on a motor. In the earlier e-bikes, riders had to push a button to activate the bike, but the new bikes will always be ON. “We wanted to be like sustainability forward, which is our perspective in terms of keeping the frame. But everything else on the bike is actually different,” as per Citi Bike general manager, Laura Fox.

The battery of the Citi Bike is empowered to give out around 30 miles of range, and the head company Lyft shall be the chief force to let the electric bikes becoming offline before its battery is exhausted totally. This would be a preventive measure aimed at providing riders with the smooth passage and preventing the possibility of riders getting stuck in situations where there is no power.

Image Source: The Verge

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