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Electric Needle of Madison gets volunteers to sew masks

Electric Needle gets volunteers to help in making face masks

It is always best to have as many hands working towards a noble cause as possible. And these are just the apt times. The stakes have never been this high. With an ever surging demand for face masks and sanitizers, it is nothing but just unavoidable to see the stocks getting depleted fast. When the supply is terrifyingly less than the up-scaling demands, you cannot go the regular way.

Thus, when Electric Needle of Madison asked for help to sew face masks that their medical providers could make use of, there was almost a virtual outpour of volunteers that rushed in to help. A multitude of people joined hands to help the mask manufacturer as volunteers. The public had received an email from UW hospitals about the same.

This email from UW hospitals, which asked for people’s direct contributions, caused a flood of volunteers. It is the time of solidarity and prayers. It is the opportune time to show the real nationalist in each of us. And when the nation calls, you must serve! It’s the same belief system that guides this huge number of people for whom a single email was more than sufficient to get them to render their voluntary services.

 The masks are currently being made at different places, which would be deposited at a commonplace later on. These face masks have been made to be 100 percent cotton. It is important as the cotton component means that they can be effectively sanitized. Volunteers can make the masks and bring the prepared masks to the Electric Needle, which is situated at 4281 W. Beltline Hwy.

“We feel like it’s empowering, and its bringing a lot of people together to make a change. Having something that we can do is big.” Public participation has become the need of the hour.

“That feels important, you know, beyond avoiding everybody, which seems just very negative,” said Jen Mulder, the owner of Electric Needle.


At a time when your participation is more than a moral obligation, and when thousands are dying, there is no reason why people should keep their business to themselves. It is a wake-up call. “This is a positive, and it’s something that you know anybody that can stitch a straight stitch can do,” stated the owner of Electric Needle.

The hospital which goes by the name UW hospitals had called upon the comrades to come forward and volunteer. It also resulted in a Facebook post by the sewing company. The post had managed to gather 1200 shares as an urgent call of duty. What followed the next was a contingent of volunteers sitting at their homes who did not want to let this chance to act go away wasted. They collectively pooled up themselves seizing the opportunity to help the general public.

The UW Hospitals have not approved the design of the masks yet. But, that does not mean that the makers would be deterred. In fact, they are anything but discouraged. The shop would encourage more and more public participation as volunteers to meet the increasing requirements of the 100 percent sewn cotton face masks.

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