Elon Musk Releases Neuralink Device Teaser, Demonstration on August 28

Elon Musk has released a teaser stating that more details regarding the Neuralink device’s working will be revealed on August 28. Neuralink is a brain-computer interface developed to treat people who have suffered from acute brain damage. Musk has released a teaser stating that the organization is planning to demonstrate the Neuralink device’s functioning on August 28. The demo is likely to be webcast live on Friday at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET.

Musk gave the initial announcement regarding the live demo of the device in July. However, the teaser gives a lot of insights into what would be shown. The progress is made to having a second-generation robot that has been created to link computer technology to the brain. Looks like there is also going to be a demonstration of neurons’ real-time firing, although more details are needed for this aspect. Compared to Musk’s other enterprises like Tesla and SpaceX, Neuralink seems to be more aspiring. 

During the previous summer, a launch event was organized that demonstrated Neuralink’s development and progress till then. A robot in the form of a “sewing machine” kept electrodes that were as thin as threads extensively inside the human brain. Presently, BMI devices make use of electrodes that are rigid for this purpose. It could end up doing more harm than good for the brain. However, placing thin electrodes inside the brain is quite a difficult task, and thus, the “sewing machine” robot came into the picture.

These electrodes established a connection with pods worn behind the ears. The electrodes transferred the signals from the brain with the aid of Bluetooth. With this kind of a setup, the concerned people could establish control over a computer. They could also keep track of their brain functions.

Going forward, Neuralink wishes to make the installation process for BMIs very smooth like Lasik eye surgery. It also hopes to remove the need for using anesthesia. Like that of the Lasik process, earlier, too, Musk wished to automate the BMI installation process. However, this technology is still far away, according to Musk. He tweeted, saying that “Still far from LASIK, but could get pretty close in a few years.”

Neuralink has stated that its first preference would be to reach out to amputees. It would also want to help people with severe brain damage, reinstate their ability to see, talk, and listen. So far, Neuralink has not stated anything on whether this device would be tested on humans. However, it has been tested on primates, and Musk claims that “a monkey has been able to control a computer with its brain.”

Musk promises that the technology that would be demonstrated on August 28 will be “awesome” compared to what has been depicted all this while. Sometime during the beginning of this year, Musk posted a tweet saying, “Don’t want to get too excited, but the potential is truly transformational for restoring brain & motor functions.”

As of now, no link is available or has been provided for viewing the live stream. Last time, the streaming event was captured on Neuralink’s YouTube channel. 

Image Source: TheVerge


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