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Emergency Calls on Apple iOS 13.5 can Result in Automatically Sharing your Medical ID

Emergency Calls on Apple iOS 13.5 can Result in Automatically Sharing your Medical ID

Apple has been working on some major updates since the last few months, and now the company intends to make it easier for its both Apple iPhone and Smartwatch users to be able to share their Medical information with any kind of emergency calls made, especially the 911 calls.

It was last Wednesday when the Apple Company announced that it would soon be rolling out its latest iOS 13.5 in the coming weeks. This new update will allow the user to share their information on both the Smartwatch and phone after setting it up. It will automatically share your Medical ID.

On the off chance, you are not aware of what the Medical ID in Apple iOS is, it’s a feature by Apple which monitors the health of the user. This Medical Information can be edited easily, and you can edit all your basic information to it, like Blood Group, some existing medical conditions, emergency contacts, and allergies to any food or medicine that you may have.

The new update that will be rolled out by Apple will soon provide the user with the ability to share their location with the Apple Device. And as soon as it detects it, the location will be used to determine if the user is in the area that has Enhanced Emergency Data Services, as soon as you call 911. After this, the system will use it to share the Medical ID. A user does not have to worry about security as the process will be done in a much secured manner.

All the information that will be shared by you in Medical Information will be protected and kept in an encrypted manner on the user’s device. According to Apple, the company says that the feature will be able to work in conjunction with the series 4’s and 5’s of Apple Smart Watch. This feature will work with the fall detection technology of the Apple Watch Series.

This feature has been implemented to attend the goal where a user might not be physically fit or in a condition that he may be able to call the 911 emergency service directly. This feature will also alert the people on your emergency contacts while also sending them your current location.

iOS already had the feature of letting you keep your medical information on display so that in case of emergency, any person can access it without the risk of compromising your security. You can give your iPhone the permissions required to set up your ID and also access it without unlocking your phone. The Medical ID is surely going to be a lot of help for people that are stuck somewhere or need help during the pandemic times, especially when all the first responders are busy with helping the patients of COVID-19.

Apple has various features on its Smartwatch and iPhone. People have not only used the Smartwatch to attend calls when they are away from the device but also to keep their health under check. It helps in monitoring the heart rate as well as the blood pressure and sleeping patterns of an individual. There are ways of putting alarms and alerts on your watch, which also enable the user to maintain a properly balanced lifestyle.

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