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Epic Games asks the Court to Ensure Fortnite is Back in the App Store

Epic Games asks the court to ensure Fornite is back in the App Store.

As many of us know, Epic Games has called for legal action against Apple after the former’s Fortnite was axed from the App Store. It all started- Sometime last month, Epic Games had announced huge ‘Fortnite’ discounts if players chose to purchase them from sources other than the App Store or the Google Play store. It simply meant that players had to use the ‘Epic direct payments’ for carrying out their purchases.

It did not go down well with Apple and Google, which resulted in Fortnite losing its place in the App Store and the Google Play Store. There was no way by which Fortnite fans could download the game since it was taken out of both the App Store as well as the Google Play Store. In retaliation, Apple had stated that Fortnite violated the App Store rules, and thus, it was left with no other option other than taking down the game from the App Store. Then, the battle between Apple and Epic Games turned pretty ugly and ended in Epic Games filing a legal lawsuit against the tech giant.

According to the latest news reports, it looks like Epic Games has asked the court to make Apple include Fortnite back in the App Store. Epic developer account’s removal from the App Store resulted in the deletion of its other games too. Amongst these were a few games that were even used by Apple to depict its development platforms. The US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers stated that Apple could not completely delete the Unreal Engine from its platform.

Epic Games gave out a statement saying, “Today we ask the court to stop Apple from retaliating against Epic for daring to challenge Apple’s misconduct while our antitrust case proceeds. Apple is a monopolist, and standing up to them is necessary to free consumers and developers from the unlawful restrictions Apple has imposed over app distribution and in-app payment processing on iOS. For too long, developers have not spoken out because they fear Apple’s retaliation. The company’s recent actions show that if you challenge Apple’s monopoly, Apple will attempt to destroy your business. We are committed to speaking up and securing lower cost, competitive access for all.”


The case filing has been done in 182 pages, which also includes emails from Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney to Apple. It also includes Apple’s responses, where the tech-giant states that its decisions work in favor of the consumer. 

Following this response, Sweeney wrote an email saying, “If Apple someday chooses to return to its roots building open platforms in which consumers have the freedom to install software from sources of their choosing, and developers can reach consumers and do business directly without intermediation, then Epic will once again be an ardent supporter of Apple. Until then, Epic is in a state of substantial disagreement with Apple’s policy and practices, and we will continue to pursue this, as we have done in the past to address other injustices in our industry.”

Well, it doesn’t seem that this big fight would end anytime soon. The main sufferers in this complete mess up between Epic Games and Apple are those waiting for Fortnite to arrive soon on iOS again.

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