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Epic Games collaborates with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Games, announces new Mobile Game

Epic Games collaborates with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Games, announces new mobile game

Who does not know the Fortnite Game creator Epic? This big game developing company has collaborated with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Games to come up with a very new game called the Spyjinx. The Bad Robot Games is a spinoff of the original production studio company called the Bad Robot. It was formed in the year of 2018, after receiving funding from the investors of Epic itself, Tencent games. It is not the first collaboration of Abrams with Epic Games, as they have previously collaborated to release a trailer for the popular Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker within Fortnite.

The game that is still under development and has been released for beta-testing to some countries only is a spy theme-based game that will be an espionage and action game. The game is fresh and is also somewhere similar to the theme that surrounds Fortnite. The game will let you build your sky base, upgrade your character, go on several missions, daily progress and missions, have your hideout and also go for various modes of playing such as single-mode, and multiplayer mode. The game feels a lot like the second chapter of Fortnite that is also loosely based on espionage and secret agent theme.

We still do not know much about the features, and the game playing theme associated with the Spyjinx. The company has only released a few statements related to it and some screenshots through which you can easily figure out what the game will be about. The Epic Games have also announced that they will soon be releasing the beta version of the game in countries like Malaysia for iOS. The same will be followed soon for Australia and other countries. 

The game description that is provided in the App Store for spyjinx reads the following: “Set in a secret world of espionage, thrilling heists, and high-tech gadgets, Spyjinx is a unique mix of action-strategy gameplay, RPG character development, and head-to-head multiplayer. Your goal? Become the ultimate spy Mastermind.”


From the description, it has become very clear that the game will let your test the capabilities of your strategy skills and mind game. It will also let you plan, and role-play through the game to build your character and progress through the game. The best part of the game will be that you won’t have to play it alone. Like every Fortnite game, the Spyjinx, too, has an option for multiplayer so that you can play it with both friends and family.

The Fortnite game is a famous name amongst game lovers in Android and iOS. It is one of the first few games that gave the user the privilege to play a game meant for PC, on a mobile or tablet. The companies involved in developing and investing in it have surely understood the fact that every gamer can’t play their game through a personal computer. And at the time, when technology is rising towards its peak, mobile phones have become a more preferred mode to communicate and socialize. Therefore, the Epic Games, as well as Tencent Games, have collaborated to bring something new to the Android as well as iOS game store.

After the release of their beta version in Malaysia, the feedback that the company has received regarding the game is generally positive. There are a few bugs and crashes, including some rare connection issues, which is common in every new game at their early development stage. Epic Games have replied to all their feedback and have responded with solutions and are also working on fixing some of the bugs that have been found in the system of the game, especially the connection issues. 

There is no doubt that after they have released the Spyjinx game in the Play Store and iOS app store of every country, the game will be received with gusto, and multiplayer espionage games are trending at the moment.

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