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EU says it is compulsory for Electric Cars to add fake engine noises

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European Union has made compulsory for all new models of electric cars that are sold in the European Union to add fake engine noises in their Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS). For the new cars, the implementation date is July 1, 2019, while for the existing models, they have to get it installed by July 2021. The two major situations where the cars need to make a sound is when it is traveling under 12 mph or when it is reversing.

Electric cars do not have an internal combustion engine and hence they are a lot quieter than other gas or fuel- powered vehicles. Electric cars are no doubt a step towards a better future with all the reduced pollution and increased green transport. But its quietness is posing danger for pedestrians and especially for the ones who are partially sighted or blind.

The fake noise regulation was passed by the European government in 2014 and as the transition period is over, the automobile makers will have to start incorporating the same in their new electric model cars.

“The government wants the benefits of green transport to be felt by everyone and understands the concerns of the visually impaired about the possible hazards posed by quiet electric vehicles. This new requirement will give pedestrians added confidence when crossing the road.” Michael Ellis, the UK’s roads minister, said in a statement. 

The UK’s Royal National Institute of Blind People were happy with the new regulation and tweeted – “After years of campaigning on this issue, we welcome the new regulations,” 

“We’re calling on the government to take this announcement further by requiring AVAS on all existing electric and hybrid vehicles and to ensure drivers have them switched on,” John Welsman, guide dog owner and Guide Dogs staff member, said in a statement.

Manufacturers like TM (Toyot) and Jaguar have developed the fake noise system already for their vehicles. Whereas other big popular brands like BMW enlisted Hans Zimmer to make the fake driving noises. Renzo Vitale who is the sound designer and acoustic engineer at the BMW group recorded some sounds which are probably going to be used in the German Automaker’s next generation of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles form green transport which is not only healthy for humans but also for the earth. Air pollution is reduced significantly by reducing the cars that run on gas and diesel.

According to an analysis by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, with the current predicted data, by 2040, electric cars would make up almost 57% of the car sales in the world all over.

The new regulation not only added confidence to the pedestrians but also guaranteed security to the other people who suffer from visual disturbances. The risks of accidents were increasing as of the increasing electric cars because of the quietness that followed. Few countries like Britain and France have already declared that they will ban all the new gasoline and diesel cars sales by 2040. Others countries like India has aimed at making every vehicle to run on electricity by the year 2030.

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