Europe deploys Coronavirus spy drones after China

Just a few days ago, almost every news was filled with news of China deploying its ultra-modern drones in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis. The disease is declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. All countries have geared up to tighten their security shields against this deadly situation. Public health facilities are seeing an enormous upsurge in their development.

China has been making great strides in this direction after deploying its drones that look after people’s food and medicine doses. The drones come in very handy for the people who had to be quarantined. The need for staff has been significantly reduced. The number of medical professionals and security persons could be shrunk, thanks to this technical gadget, which hovers around in the sky and looks after the daily needs of the huge Chinese population struck amid a crisis.

Spain is now being seen to be making use of the drones very effectively. These drones are filming the whole area and neighborhood. Every public corner from parks to streets to main roads is being mapped. The drones take images at all these places. After that, the drones are fitted with speakers that order people to move inside their homes. This on board speaker works almost instantly and orders men and women to step inside, thereby avoiding any form of gathering.

Such forms of civilian lock down and surveillance have become a norm these days. Almost every country is treading down the same path in a bid to isolate people and prevent any gathering. Such a style is also reminiscent of the wartime efforts, and then it is obvious that the populace might not like it. But, in times of crisis, governments apply all sorts of precautionary measures which the general public would have to abide by, in any case.

Then there was the police force of Madrid explaining their stance on the popular social media platform Twitter. The police said that they would not hesitate to use all the means at their end to ensure that the common man’s security is a priority and explained further how everyone needed to comply with the same. It should be known that on March 14, Spain became the latest European nation to announce a state of emergency and a total lock down.

Policía Municipal de Madrid, which goes by the Twitter handle @policiademadrid, had some words to speak to the Spanish people. The tweet carried instructions for the people. On top of it, there was also a video embedded in the tweet. The video accompanying the instructions contained an aerial view of people out and about in the city.

All remedial steps must be taken to restrict the progression of the disease and make the public health system much stronger and better. This disease has certainly laid the strengths and weaknesses of any country’s health system bare and open. The need is to look forward and act just in time. As they say, time and tide wait for none! 

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