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Facebook Acquires Lone Echo Developer, Ready at Dawn Studios

Facebook acquires Lone Echo developer, Ready at Dawn studios

In the past few months, Facebook has been interested in VR technology, which is clear through the acquisition of developers and corporations behind a number of the foremost popular VR titles across the world. The company’s VR based game studio procurement splurge that has continued for the past year also continues with the acquisition of Ready at Dawn studios who have been the developer of the VR title Lone Echo.

Lone Echo has been one of Oculus’s most successful game series. Ready at Dawn studio had also been working with Facebook and Oculus closely as a publishing partner for a short time, and this step only looks like a gradual required change. The three now that they’re together under the umbrella of Oculus will now be prepping for the discharge of a sequel to Lone Echo.

Lone Echo II launch had been announced within the previous year itself, but that has been delayed indefinitely for now, and Facebook has also not said anything on the same. Consumers can expect the title to be released at some point within the current year, although any doesn’t assure the precise date of the involved companies.

The studio behind the VR game Lone Echo will be working from Irvine, California, and its Portland and Oregon offices for now, even after the acquisition terms are in place. The terms of the deal that has been sealed between the three aren’t known to the general public yet, but Facebook has mentioned that they will aim to bring the entire team behind Lone Echo to one platform.

For Facebook, Lone Echo looks like an honest investment because it’s among the foremost well-done and artistic VR titles that users have received very well. Even eSports World has received the VR game alright, which hasn’t been the case till now for the other VR titles.

Before acquiring Ready at Dawn, Facebook had already completed the acquisition of Beat Games, the maker of the sport Beat Saber and Sanzaru Games, which was the developer of Asgard’s Wrath. Both are now under Facebook, and given the strategy that the corporate has been following for acquisition, it’ll allow all of the VR developers under their shed to keep on experimenting with new technologies and not have to worry about their company breaking even.

Before Ready at Dawn studio was acquired by Facebook, and before they worked with Lone Echo, the studio was developing console titles as their prime field of work. Now that the studio has collaborated with Facebook, they will have more flexibility in terms of what they can do.

VR space has seen hindrances thanks to various reasons till now due to which profits haven’t been as significant for all the involved developers. With a scarcity of hardware, things are becoming tougher for creative developers also, although, with big companies like Facebook backing up VR titles and their developers, changes are so as.

Image source: Techcrunch

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