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Facebook and Fox News to Host Virtual Town Hall amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Facebook and Fox News to host virtual town hall amid the coronavirus pandemic

The two giant companies Facebook and Fox News announced today in the morning that they will be hosting a virtual Town Hall through Facebook’s very own portal video calling device. The virtual Town Hall will be about the ongoing pandemic COVID-19. The time announced for the town hall will be tomorrow at 7:00 PM ET. 

Facebook has been working diligently to make this virtual Town Hall possible and has also shipped their portal plus devices to all the attendees and audience members so that they can actively participate in the virtual Town Hall and ask their questions related to the coronavirus to the knowledgeable speakers. 

While talking to the leading news channel, Facebook declared that almost over 30 people would be attending the virtual Town Hall, but not all of them will be connected to the portal at the same time. The number of people connected at one time will vary, but all of them will be given equal opportunity to ask their questions and also answer them. If a person makes a portal call to the virtual Town Hall through the Facebook Messenger, at most 8 people can be connected at the same time.

This virtual Town Hall is being hosted to fulfill the aim of social distancing amongst the general public to curb the effect of coronavirus. Through this town hall, both Facebook and Fox news spread awareness among the general public to practice social distancing and also respect the orders provided by the government for their safety. The conference will also be aimed towards enlightening and spreading awareness about the pandemic, the symptoms, the necessary measures that need to be taken, and the need to Quarantine oneself at home. 

While talking to The Verge, Fox news disclosed that the host of their popular shows The Story, Martha MacCallum will be hosting and moderating the show from Fox news New York City Studio. A press release issued by the fox news suggested that various Medical and business experts, along with active members of the White House coronavirus Task Force Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams and Dr. Deborah Birx, will also be part of the virtual Town Hall. The coronavirus task force members of the White House will be broadcasted through a studio in Washington DC from where they will appear in the town hall. This information, too, was released by Fox News itself.

According to Facebook, Mike Rowe may also make a special appearance in the virtual Town Hall via Facebook’s portal device. 

The virtual Town Hall will be held for almost 1 hour, and it will be broadcasted on Fox news all over the world. You can also watch it live stream on the Facebook page of fox news. Other than that, the official website of Fox named coronavirusnow.com will also be live streaming the broadcast for 1 hour. The channel CoronavirusNow by Fox can also be viewed to watch the live stream on all Fox TV stations, websites, Samsung TV plus, and various pages and apps. 

It was a much-needed step in light of the coronavirus pandemic and the spread of panic among the masses. The government has been trying very hard to spread awareness among the citizens to practice social distancing and only to venture outside when it is a must like grocery shopping or food shopping. The government hopes to stop the spread of coronavirus through quarantining people to their homes, as the COVID-19 virus spreads through air droplets in the air. Practices like hand washing, proper hygiene, distancing, and no touching of their face and mouth need to be followed.

No more updates have been provided by Facebook and Fox News regarding more members and speakers that may be present in the virtual town hall. The broadcast can be viewed later by the general public on their Facebook page of Fox News and some third-party websites or apps. The official website of Fox News, too, will have the broadcast to be viewed for later.

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