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Facebook and Instagram Stories Come Over to Facebook Dating

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Facebook Dating, which is running smoothly in over 20 countries, has just added a new feature that lets you re-share your old Facebook and Instagram stories to your Facebook Dating profile. This way, daters would be able to check on to the daily lives of other daters.

This pool of daters includes both groups that include the ones are currently being dated and the other bigger group of prospective ones too.

Potential partners get to know who you actually are. You can even send off a like while watching their story as a way of responding to their stories and let them know you have been showing some interest lately. This feature works exactly like we have seen on Instagram and Whatsapp, with circular profile photos appearing on the top.

You can click on one of those pictures and get to know more about content. For those who are already matched, they can even choose to react or comment on the story. It is worth mentioning that whatever story a dater wishes to share, they would first have to select their pool. The chosen ones would receive the story in their feed.

The lead product manager on ‘Stories for Facebook Dating’, Charmaine Hung stated: “Bringing Stories to the app is designed to give people more insight into their matches while also proving they are real people.”


The dating product of Facebook, Facebook Dating, has been brought up in just a few countries now. These include Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Guyana, Laos, Colombia, Ecuador, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, Singapore, United States, Suriname, Thailand, and Uruguay.

Though Europe has not yet been enjoying this dating venture of Facebook, hopefully by 2020, Europe shall witness the same. That means the integration of Facebook stories to its Facebook dating is still distant news for Europe, the Middle East and other countries where Facebook has weight.

Although the addition of the story feature is a well-thought one, it seems there is no competition to Facebook Dating in the dating world of applications, at least at the moment. This was possible only due to the strong foothold of Facebook and Instagram in the Social media domain right now.

You get an option to “connect” your Facebook and Instagram stories to Dating. A speciality of the feature is that any person can view and reply to the stories that you have shared on Dating, even if you had previously shared them to some other audience. So you have to be cautious of this too!

“Your Instagram stories are connected. When you share new stories on Instagram, they will show up here for you to review. You can then choose which stories to show in Dating by tapping Add Story within Dating.”

So as long as, one person has not blocked or passed on the other person, they can keep seeing each other’s stories and get acquainted with daily updates. Truth be concretised, Facebook is all set to up its dating foothold by clever use of its existing set of tools as opposed to investing in a newer platform and is looking forward to further linkages.

None of its competitions, Tinder or Bumble would think of bringing in a new app just to incorporate a similar feature though there are other possibilities. Tinder gives you the option to link your Instagram profile, for that matter. As a similarity, Bumble too, is getting about disappearing videos.

Tinder is bringing in Snapchat stories. So it feels like the story thing is a hit in the market currently. And that should not even surprise us! While profile pics are one thing, they cannot just yet give you a sneak peek into their life. This means daters can now be more updated about the daily happenings in each other’s lives.

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