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Facebook Dark Mode spotted on some Android devices

Facebook dark mode appeared on some android devices image

Facebook’s Dark Mode has been spotted on Android for some users. The app, as is being spotted by some users, has got a nice black and grey combination. It seems according to our accidental glimpses, like Facebook is finally testing its Dark mode feature.

In what was seen on the pixel device appears to be a strictly application thing. So currently, no reports of the mode being seen on the web have surfaced. Dark mode has been one of the most highlighted specs on various other platforms.

Facebook’s dark mode was a short-lived test. Similarly, users have reported the same on Twitter and Reddit as well. This explains how Facebook, being one of the companies star-struck by the dark mode feature, finally introduced its long-awaited feature of a dark mode on Instagram and Messenger.

Google recently launched its dark mode. Now on various Google run apps, dark mode is one much-appreciated feature. Dark mode was always one demanded mode, and it seems every other app has been coming with this. Recently, Google maps employed this feature.

Apple also introduced its dark mode in iOS 13 in a major development. With the two giants of the tech world going the dark mode way, it surely has paved the way for other major apps and companies to switch to the dark mode. Many third-party apps would also be treading the dark theme path soon.

Rumors have it that WhatsApp also has started testing its own dark mode feature. However, we cannot tell when they would launch their own dark theme for users eagerly awaiting the same. We hope to hear from them soon.

On Facebook with the new feature; however, the image and video posts have been in a greyish tone. The whole look is not that of a pitch-black color. Rather there is a combination of black and grey, that too of varying shades. If we look at the growing popularity of the dark mode, it is only relevant to question whether or not Facebook is taking too long to launch theirs.

In the past few months or so, many leaks have surfaced and resurfaced on the internet, which again has hinted at the sole fact that WhatsApp would be bringing its Dark theme. In the new version of Android, i.e. its Android beta version 2.19.327, the new theme has been known to be tested.

To many users and media junkie, Facebook’s dark mode appearing and vanishing seemed a very bizarre business. Most link it to some glitch or mistake, and so it might not be a formal officially testing by the company. A user reported the dark theme of Facebook on his RealMe handset.

From what we gathered from a screengrab, the title “Facebook” appeared in a blue hue while the names of other contacts appeared to be white. The new message and notification indicator were shown to be of red color. There are grey demarcations between the expanses of black shading.

We could, therefore, expect Facebook to bring a wider rollout of the feature soon. It seems like Facebook has come pretty well and progressed from what we last saw on Reddit when a user put up his screenshot showing Facebook’s dark mode, a few months ago. It should be added that all devices reported were Android ones and not iOS devices.

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