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Facebook Employee Fired over Protesting Company’s Stance on Trump

Facebook employee fired over protesting company’s stance on Trump

Facebook recently fired an employee who was against the company’s approach towards President Donald Trump. The Facebook employee called out on another employee of the company on his inaction in a recent tweet.

According to the details that have been shared with the public, Brandon Dail, the employee who was fired, was an engineer in the Seattle branch of Facebook. He had asked another colleague of his to add a ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner to a website about a tool that was built by Facebook. This request put up by Dail was refused by the other employee because he did not wish to get political here. He later tweeted about this while mentioning the employee’s name, saying that ‘not making a statement is already political.’ 

Facebook confirmed that Dail had been fired, and the way he put together the scenario of his firing is quite true, but no further comments were added to this. Brandon Dail himself didn’t comment further on this even when someone asked him to. 

Facebook has been facing a lot of criticism from its employees for not taking action against Trump’s saying the workers say could pave the way for violence. A virtual walkout was also staged by many employees of the company to protest against the company’s stance on the speech by the President. A lot of employees have already quit, and some threatened to quit the company after Trump said in the speech, ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts.’ Many were outraged over everything he had to say.

When questioned about Trump’s words inciting violence, Facebook said that his posts didn’t violate their rules against it, and it rather allows for discussion around the state’s use of force. It was very contradictory to what Twitter had to offer to its users on the same stance. Public interest was rather issued by the social media network Twitter over Trump’s tweets.   

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had been in the news recently to speak about how the company is reviewing its policies around, including rules on a discussion around the state’s use of force. Zuckerberg and his wife, although had later posted on Twitter that they were ‘deeply shaken and disgusted’ with what President Trump had to say in his speech. 

Trump’s speech came in response to the protests that followed George Floyd’s death after being killed by a white office post being pinned down for almost nine minutes. It has faced more outrage and created a set of stirring emotions among everyone because of the insensitivity it portrays. George Floyd has been put to rest after his funeral was held, and many notable celebrities attended to support the family.

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