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Facebook Employees Call Out Against Mark Zuckerberg For Not Taking Action Against President Trump’s Posts!!

Facebook Employees Call Out Against Mark Zuckerberg For Not Taking Action Against President Trump’s Posts

Recently, President Trump’s tweets and posts have created chaos all over the world. While other tech giants like Netflix, Google, Snapchat, and Intel are taking a stand against the discrimination that the President is causing, Facebook is quiet.

Donal J. Trump has been posting content that is against the code of Facebook. His posts contain misinformation and even support racism. The protests in Minneapolis, USA, have embarked on a revolution all over the world. After Trump reacted against the protest and took to social media to spread hatred, many celebrities stood up against him. Not only that, many social media networks, especially Twitter, took action against his posts. However, amidst all this, Facebook is silent. It seems like Mark Zuckerberg is not speaking or taking any action against the President’s posts.

His silence has angered many of the employees, and they are calling him out. Though due to the pandemic, all the employees are working from home and cannot walk out from the office, they are conducting a virtual walkout. In this virtual walkout, the employees are not going to work and leave their desks.

Furthermore, the group of employees who took a stand against the CEO of Facebook are the engineers who look after the React Code. These employees called out the CEO in public posts and even tweeted against him. They are angry as Mark Zuckerberg is not taking any action against the post that the President is posting, neither is he saying anything.

However, one thing that we know about Mark Zuckerberg is that he is stubborn. He does listen to his employees’ opinions, but in the end, it’s his choice. Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to conduct a Q&A session this Tuesday, where he will answer all the questions. He even stated the matter, “These are difficult decisions and, just like today, the content we leave up I often find deeply offensive. We try to think through all consequences. People can agree or disagree on where we should draw the line, but I hope they understand our overall philosophy is that it is better to have these discussions out in the open, especially when the stakes are so high.”

What else is happening on Facebook? Apart from the virtual walkout, employees have changed their internal profile picture to the Twitter logo. While the posts of the President does violate the policies of Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t take any actions stating that the posts never violated the policies of Facebook. The #BLACKLIVESMATTER is currently trending all over social media, and people are protesting against Trump.

Most of the Facebook employees even stated that they are ashamed to work in such an environment and would soon quit their jobs. In addition to that, many people even stated that they would turn down any offers from Facebook in the future. Will Mark Zuckerberg listen?

After Twitter’s action against Trump, the President signed an executive order against the application. It stated that the legal protection that social media networks have should be reduced. However, most of the social media networks denied the order, and hence the online protests are going on.

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