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Facebook erases all ‘census’ ads related to Trump’s campaign.

Facebook erases all ‘census’ ads related to Trump’s campaign

Well, it is not known as to how many of us have observed this, but lately, there were many ads related to President Trump’s campaigning program that were doing the rounds on Facebook. And now, according to the latest piece of information, it looks like Facebook has removed all of these. According to journalist Judd Legum who was the one to check and report information regarding this, these ads were asking people to participate in the “Official 2020 Congressional District Census.” These ads redirected all its users to a survey link located on the website related to Donald Trump’s presidential election campaigning. 

According to Facebook, these ads were inappropriate, and they projected incorrect information regarding the 2020 US census. Thus, it decided to do away with these ads from its platform. 

Officially, the census is slated to begin on the 12th of March. These ads were being created and backed by the people involved in Trump’s campaigning and the Republican nationalist party. 

According to Vanita Gupta, who is the president of CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights – the organization which helped Facebook craft its policies regarding census interference, these ads were “deceptive” and “unacceptable.” 

As mentioned above, these ads directed people to participate in a survey. The survey initially asked for the person’s age. Later on, it had questions related to “Obamacare,” “the Democrats’ failed Impeachment Witch Hunt,” “Nancy Pelosi,” and the “Radical Left.” These were the points that Trump usually discussed during various meetings.  

And finally, people who completed this survey were directed to a web page where they were asked for some donation amounts.

It is a pretty exciting move that has been taken up by Facebook. Not many of us might be aware, but previously, Facebook had stated that none of its rules would affect politicians in any manner. Earlier, Facebook was hesitant to apply its rule wherever politicians were concerned. However, on Thursday, Facebook did confirm that it had indeed removed all these ads.

A spokesperson for Facebook Andy Stone wrote a statement saying, “There are policies in place to prevent confusion around the official US Census, and this is an example of those being enforced.”

All of these ads had started popping up on the social-media giant’s platform right from the beginning of this week, from the 3rd of March. These ads were accessible by all Facebook users in the US. Presently, these ads have been removed, and their status is being displayed as “inactive.” It can be viewed in the Ad Library of Facebook. 

During the previous year, Facebook had clearly stated that it would not encourage any ads that would provide any inappropriate information related to the 2020 US Census. It was part of a new policy wherein it had framed some rules related to voter suppression. 

During that time, the company had made a statement saying, “We must do our part to ensure an accurate census count, which is critical for the distribution of federal funds, the apportioning of electoral representatives and the functioning of a democracy.”


It can be recalled that previously, Facebook was pressurized to take up initiatives in blocking political interference.

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