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Facebook introduces the new dark mode for its users

Facebook introduces the new dark mode for its users

Dark mode has become common in almost every major social networking site and websites like shopping portals. Following suit, Facebook too has released a new dark mode for its users, that can be toggled on and off from the settings menu. The mode will be available to use for the majority of users on Facebook.

Initially, at their F8 developers’ conference, Facebook promised its users to provide them with a faster and a cleaner interface. This version was released as a beta test for some of its users this January. And after revamping their design and making final changes to it, the company has launched its dark mode version to all its users worldwide.

To use the mode, you will have to use Facebook for desktop. On opening the site, the home page will ask you if you wish to use the ‘New Facebook’ with all the latest updates and changes to it. You can also switch back to the ‘Classic Mode’ whenever you want. But this choice will be removed at the year-end, and the new Facebook version will be made default. 

Some of the other changes made to their interface include a centralized tab option for Marketplace, Gaming, Groups and Facebook Watch. In case the new interface is not liked by all its users, the dark mode will still be appreciated by the ardent Facebook users. The dark mode has already been released widely over the Facebook-owned apps such as the Messenger, Instagram, and the latest addition to it has been WhatsApp.

Observing the current pandemic, it is no wonder that people will be spending a lot more time on social media sites as they will be locked at home. Facebook is the best place to avoid boredom and stay connected to their friends as well as the latest news, and happenings across the world. The dark mode will surely bring some relief to the eyes of people straining them at night while going through their feeds.

It was a surprise that a social media giant company like Facebook has taken such a long time to launch the dark mode, as even some local websites have got it incorporated on their interface. The dark mode will reverse all white to black and black to white, causing the least strain on the eyes.

According to various researches and studies, it has been found that a rising case of children losing their eye power has been observed because of the time that they spend on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Children and teenagers cannot be stopped or controlled on how they choose to spend their leisure time, but these companies can surely make changes to their interface, so as the rising case of eyestrain and power loss can be mitigated. 

The dark mode has started a new revolution, which shows a company’s concern and building trust amongst its users. The decision has been awaited for a long time by users, as according to feedback trends in Google Play Store, users have been requesting a dark mode for a very long time.

On the other hand, the dark mode will be available for now only for desktop users. The dark mode setting is still under development for the mobile app users and may take a while to be released. According to analysts, there is a large difference between the number of users who use Facebook for desktops and Facebook App for mobile. The reason behind that will be that you cannot carry your personal computer everywhere, but you surely can carry your mobile phone with you.

There has been no comment by the spokesperson of Facebook, on whether they are planning to release the dark mode on Facebook mobile app sooner or any provided date. The company has also not replied to the various texts, messages and emails asking for further information on the matter by any of the leading news channels.

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