Facebook releases its new meme creator app called ‘Whale app’ in Canada

Last week, Facebook released a meme creator app called the ‘Whale app’. The app was quietly released in Canada. And it is available in the Canadian app store. The Whale app can be used for making meme using your own photos or any photos which will be available in the stock photos. As of now, the Whale app will be only available in Canada.

Facebook has a new team set up for creating many new and unique experimental apps which will satisfy the user requirements. The new team is called the New Product Experimentation (NPE) team. This team was developed by Facebook to meet the expectations of the users, mainly youngsters, earlier this year.

From the images of the app released, we can understand that the Whale app is used to create memes, even using your own photos. The app has many creative tools for users with creativity. That is, you can even draw your own drawing using the provided creative tools and then share your own creations to all social media apps such as Instagram, Messenger, etc.

Facebook said that its apps created by the NPE team would have a separate brand name to set the user expectations. Facebook says that it will even shut down their released apps if it doesn’t meet the users’ expectations or if it is not useful for the people. The other popular apps that the NPE released are Bump and Aux.

Bump is an app which lets unknown people connect with each by answering some easy ice breaker questions. Aux is an app created by Facebook, which is a music listening app in groups that too. And you have the freedom to choose the music to listen in the group. The Facebook spokesman said, “The information that the apps are intended to help the company discover new features and services that people like”.

The Whale app also contains various grid layouts and provides unique creative tools for creating a viral meme with the combination of text, emojis and filters. We say that the experimental apps created by the NPE team like Bump, Aux and the new Whale app concentrate on the young generation. That is, focuses more on youngsters who are obsessed with TikTok and Twitch.

Memes are extremely popular in this generation of adults and teens. We can say that Memes deliver the current scenario of society in a funny way. But making those Memes can be extremely difficult. It requires many skills importantly, photo-editing skills or graphic-making skills.

The Whale app shows description saying, “No distractions, no hidden subscription pricing”. It says, “Use your own images or choose from our stock photo library and get creative with text, tools, effects, and more right inside the app”. As of now, Facebook did not announce anything about a worldwide release after its release in Canada.


Actually, the first app to show itself when searched in Canadian Apple’s app store for the Whale app is the Whale chat app. The Whale chat app is an adult chat app which involves flirting and naughty chats. This could be often confused with the Whale app recently released by the Facebook NPE team, an experimental app division, headed by the former General manager of extinct social app Vine-Jason Toff.

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