Facebook Releases’ Quiet Mode’ that Lets the User Turn Off the App’s Notifications

In recent news today, Facebook has released a new update to its existing Facebook App that comes with a ‘Quiet Mode’ now. The quiet mode has been developed with the aim that it will help people to concentrate more on their work, by minimizing the distractions caused by the app’s frequent push notifications. You can easily specify the time frame at which you want the app to start notifying you. Else it will remain quiet for the rest of the day. 

Facebook has announced this change on their COVID Newsroom post, where they recently have been posting a lot of information related to the pandemic and what Facebook has been doing to spread awareness and curb the situation. The post describes the new update as a means for people to set boundaries on their work-life and home life. Especially now that people have started working from home but are spending more time on Facebook and are facing difficulty in getting used to the new routine of working.

Facebook says that you can use the Quiet mode on and off as and when needed. You can also choose the schedule of the mode to turn on at a particular time, or just let it run automatically in the background. For example, in case you are a person who works from home, daily from 10 AM to 6 PM, you can schedule the ‘Quiet Mode’ to be on for that period. It will help put a stop on the distractions caused by Facebook and enable you to concentrate more on your work.

But that is not all. Another great move by Facebook has been that on the off chance, a person opens the app during the quiet mode. The app will issue a warning to the person and let him know that he has put the quiet mode on to take time and work. It has been done to limit your time spent on the app. 

You can find the settings for the ‘Quiet Mode’ on Facebook in a section of Facebook that will display your data on how much time you have spent on Facebook. It will show you graphs and numbers with a comparison between the times spent on Facebook during the day versus the time spent on Facebook during the night. Not only that, but it will also show you the number of times you frequently open the app in a day. You can view and analyze this data, and set your timing for the quiet mode from there.

This ‘time spent’ chart is not new. It was in the year 2018 that Facebook first introduced it. But if you compare it to the new and updated charts, there has been a significant change in the way they appear now. It is more clear and distinct. The Facebook Company has also added new changed and more analysis methods to it, such as Week-over-week analysis. Through that, you can compare your weekly activity and the changes in your activity throughout the day.

The update has several other more features that include a tracker connected to the weekly activity, which will have access to your activity logs. It will also analyze the reactions, comments, likes, and shares that you do on the app on a daily basis. This tracker will send you weekly reports from the app if you have enabled it. Not only this, but the tracker will also be connected to your News Feed Preferences, Push Notification Settings, and Regular Notification Settings.

In the News Feed Preferences which used to be buried in the Settings of Facebook, can be easily accessible now and you can also choose to designate the people who’re posts you would like to see first on your newsfeed along with the ones whose posts you don’t want to see, like a snooze option. In the Notification setting, you can choose to select the people whose posts updates and notifications you want to receive like comments, birthdays, tags, and more.

These are not new to Facebook, but the only changes done by the Company is to change its location and make it easily accessible.

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