Facebook set to tackle corona-virus misinformation, Zuckerberg talks of WHO free ads

Corona-virus has been spreading like wildfire at an unprecedented scale. In such times of global crisis, when the virus is not bound to its origins but mushrooming in every nook and corner of the world, it is only imperative that the world community joins as one and extends full support in good faith. With person to person transmission on the rise, every country is seen to bring up stiff security measures and tighten health measures.

It was a similar gesture that got reflected when Mark Zuckerberg wrote a post on his Facebook wall informing about Facebook’s collaboration with WHO that means the platform will now be running ads from the global organization. Thus, the next time you search regarding the virus on Facebook, you will get to see a pop-up that takes you to the World Health Organization. This pop-up might also redirect you to your local health authority in a novel way to impart info about the disease and the official measures.

Mark further delineates that in the event of WHO getting reports about person to person transmission in a specific location around the world, the Facebook users at the place will also be getting to see it in their News Feed. To spread timely information, the social media platform is also co-operating and functioning near various ministries of health in different countries and also organizations like the WHO, CDC and UNICEF.

Many social media platforms have also begun to remove posts that raise and promote conspiracy theories about the disease, its effects and resolution. Several posts had been flagged as already inappropriate. These posts are being removed in an attempt to stop hoaxes and harmful misinformation in a bid to shrink the negative impact of lies that are getting spread. This may lead to loss in various ways, previously Facebook cancelled a meeting because of Corona-virus

Facebook is also extending other tools and means for researchers to analyze the impact of the virus. Prominent among the tools is the aggregate data by Facebook, which researchers make use to understand the impact better. It is provided in the form of mobility data and population density maps. The platform has been keen to partner with other organizations and lends towards robust research and gene mapping causes.

In a world that is getting more and more isolated on person to person basis but connected virtually, social media platforms can go a long way in making accurate info available to all stakeholders. Apart from that, Mark added that it needs to be ensured that the prevailing “services are stable and reliable to handle the load.”

Google is also effectively catering to the responses received on its SOS Alert for searches at Google related to the 2019 Novel Corona-virus as its chief crisis alert products. Many philanthropists are taking up ambitious projects towards the need of the hour. Given that, a lot of money goes into medical research at such a large scale, more and more companies should come forward towards the cause.

Image Source: Engadget

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