Facebook Calibra accused for copying logo of “Current”

Apparently, Facebook is currently facing a case for copying the logo of a new bank called “Current” and is using the logo for Calibra. When asked about, Current confirmed the news and has even filed a lawsuit against the company for violating the rules. Interestingly, the company which designed the logo for Current, is the same company which sold the design to Facebook: Character.

Character had designed the design for Current, which the bank has been using since 2016, while Calibra had unveiled the design this year. The lawsuit filed by Current consists of Facebook, Calibra, Character and the department of Facebook which handles the IP of Calibra.

The case is full of confusion as to who sold the similar design to Calibra and why. As per the news, apparently, Current is also claiming for a case against Character for violating the “covenant of good faith and fair dealing” on the contract, but is having some difficulty in doing so as the company had not directly dealt with character. This clearly means that there was a third party involvement in the deal between Character and Current, though the surety of a contract is not known. Apart from that, the above clause based on which Current wants to file the case means that the company should design the logo specifically for Current and that it would not sell it to some other company or trademark it.

Though, for now Calibra is being said to prevent the use of the logo till the issues are sorted out. The case was filed on 26th of June, 2019, just days after Facebook unveiled the logo of Calibra. Calibra was formed with the idea of Facebook entering the banking field and that this app would help in making money transactions easier through internet.

“Facebook has all the money and resources in the world. If they truly wanted to make banking more inclusive and fair, they should’ve come up with their own ideas and branding, like we have” said Current when asked about their opinion on the case.

However, Facebook Calibra would be facing a case and how much time it would take is not known.

Though it is not sure that whether Character did this knowingly or not, but it would also be facing the case for selling a design made for a company, to another company, for breaking trust and violating the rules of its own company. Though Current is a startup bank and has arrived in 2016, but the copying of the logo is something which no company would tolerate.

What would be happening next is not known as the lawsuit is full of confusion. Though one thing is for sure that the 4 companies stated in the lawsuit against whom Current has made the case, would be facing some serious judgment in the coming days. More news related to this case would be made available soon. We cannot yet blame any single company for the fault that has been done and there might be more investigation for the case.


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