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Facebook Tightens the Political Ad Rules due to EU Elections


Facebook has made an announcement this Friday stating that they are tightening the requirements for political ad campaigns. These strict rules are a part of their latest efforts to prevent any foreign interference and improve the transparency in the view of bloc’s parliamentary elections.

This announcement has invited a lot of criticism, and some of the EU politicians have stated that these rules will make the European election campaigning further harder.

Under these new rules the people, parties and other groups who are buying the local ads should conform to Facebook that they are related to the same country where their target audience resides. This reduces the influence of foreigners in the time of elections. This is another step of Facebook. Earlier it decided that the ad buyers should confirm their identities.

This means that the advertisements aimed at the owners from EU’s 28 countries should register a person in each of those nations.

Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the parliament’s ALDE group, took this matter to Twitter and has stated that “it is a disgrace that the social media giant Facebook isn’t treating Europe as an entity and it appears that this company does not care about the consequences of undermining the democracy in Europe. He further added, “limiting the political campaigns to one country is the opposite of what we wanted.

The ad campaigns that are not complying with the guidelines are going to be blocked on Facebook-owned Instagram and WhatsApp. The company will ask the ad buyers to submit all the documents and use the technical checks to verify their location as well as identity.

Richard Allen, Facebook’s vice president of global policy solutions, has stated that the new set of rules will be a real barrier for anyone who is planning to use Facebook to interfere from the outside of the country.

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