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Facebook to get the same “close friends” feature like Instagram

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In an attempt to regulate more privacy, Facebook has decided to add the close friends’ feature as a privacy tool as to who can see your stories. You can select a group of close friends who will see this story. Privacy has been one of the biggest concerns when we learnt that Facebook collects data on each and every user.

There is a lot that you wouldn’t want to share with everyone. This is where the built-in safety feature comes in. With a smaller list of friends who are close, you can share personal stuff about yourself without judgment. Since Facebook is a vast networking site, you will have all sorts of acquaintances connected there, family, friends, relatives, and then the people you are connected professionally. You cannot simply share anything and everything with them. You would rather share them with people who know you well. So this feature can be handy in those situations.

It is already available on Instagram. You can simply create a separate list from the list of followers that you have to share your stories. Facebook and the Facebook messenger, both the apps are testing this feature. The reverse engineer expert Jane Manchun Wong figured this out. So, this new feature, instead of having the category called “close friends” it will present you with the option called “favourites” upon selecting that you will be presented with the list of your friends from which you can simply select the people you want to share your content with.

This feature is relatively new, therefore, at the moment, it is not available for Facebook stories, but we expect it to be available soon for Facebook stories too. It is simply just a test feature right now. The availability of this feature was confirmed to TechCrunch, but the spokesperson also added this is not the finished version of the feature, it is simply in the testing phase.

Facebook hopes that once the feature is launched, people will feel more comfortable in sharing their content only to limited groups. This is Mark Zuckerburg’s effort to improve privacy status. Facebook does contain other options to sieve through your friend list, options like close friends, or restricted.

But the favorites option will be much handier in segregating close friends from the long list of friends’ people have on Facebook. The feature is clearly a prototype at the moment, which means you can expect a more refined version of it soon, that is, if the feature passes the testing phase.

This new form of “micro-sharing” will solve a lot of problems like sifting through a tirade of posts. It will limit exposure in a way where the user is comfortable, and they won’t be subjected to all the content available. When content shared gets more personal, then Facebook will have a better idea when providing customized advertisements to the users. Facebook released a feature called “top fans” in June for all the Facebook pages. This feature allowed pages to create a custom list of people to share content with a smaller group of people, maybe just the top fans. It was basically exclusivity for the people who were loyal to the brand.

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