Facebook to Hold Oculus Connect Meetup Virtually and Cancels all Events till 2021

Facebook has been one of the leading companies to come up with solutions to help curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. And it was not a surprise when Facebook released a statement as part of their response to the coronavirus pandemic. The company will be seen cancelling all meetups or conferences with more than 50 people gathered physically at one place. This decision will be held until June 2021.

The decision was announced by the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg when he posted it online as an update in their COVID-19 pandemic response. In his response, the CEO also said that almost a vast number of employees that constitute the majority of the employee strength of Facebook would be working from home. The practice will be continued until the end of next month at least. This decision was taken so as to promote social distancing and also to maintain the safety and health of their employees.

The most recent event to be cancelled by Facebook is the Oculus connect 7 Virtual Reality Conference that was supposed to take place in San Jose. The event has not been completely cancelled, but only the mode of the event to take place has been changed. Oculus will still take place, but it has been moved online, and people will be able to attend the event virtually from the safety of their homes, while not violating the practice of social distancing.

In his response, Mark Zuckerberg had stated, “We will require the vast majority of our employees to work from home through at least the end of May in order to create a safer environment both for our employees doing critical jobs who must be in the office and for everyone else in our local communities”. He also stated that moderators who explicitly work on terrorism or any self-harm related content have no option other than working from the office, as it is not possible for them to work remotely. But not every employee is expected to return to their office to work until some time.

The CEO of Facebook further stated, “We’ve also let our employees know that even after more of our teams can return if there’s any reason they feel they can’t work in our offices — because they are in a vulnerable population because with schools and camps cancelled they don’t have childcare, or anything else — that they can plan to work from home through at least the summer”.

By his statement, it is quite clear that the CEO is concerned about his employees and wants to extend support to them no matter what. He has also suggested they stay at home and continue work until the situation feels fit to them to return to the office. The company has also imposed a ‘no business travel’ policy until June of this year. It has been made to control the spread of COVID-19 virus and to lower the risk of their employees from getting infected by it.

In his closing response, Mark Zuckerberg provides support and gratitude to his employees for working even on tough times like these and hopes that the measures his company has taken will help contain the spread of the virus in one way or the other, and businesses will soon be up and running again.

The CEO of the company says that after consulting various health experts related to the pandemic, he has concluded that it cannot be accurately said when gatherings of large masses will be advisable again. And looking at the current scenario cancelling all kinds of physical gatherings is the best possible way to stop the spread. 

The cancelling of the event Oculus has created a huge loss for San Jose City as it was supposed to take place in the spring of this year. To make up for it, the company has decided to donate $500,000 to the city.

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