Facebook’s new app ‘Hobbi’: Is it hit or miss?

The Facebook NPE team came up with its fourth new idea. Facebook is trying out a new app, Hobbi. It is a photo and video sharing app where you can archive your projects. The app was mainly released in the countries Colombia, Belgium, Spain, and Ukraine.

The NPE team already released three apps previously. The first app Bump a social networking app and a music DJ app Aux. Also, they tried out their first meme editing app called Whale. However, the meme editing app is shut down within less time.

The play store description of the app is “help you document and remember the things you love to do.” And the app description says, “Organize your photos into visual collections and see the progress you’re making overtime.” The app is for amateur photographers to manage their own themes and collection of photographs.

The app is well suited with iPad, iPod, and iPhone touch devices running iOS 11.0 or later. The app is mainly for hobbyists who want to save their photos and videos as a theme-based collection. Although the Hobbi app lacks a social networking component, it has an external sharing option after completion of a project. Here you can create the video highlights and share them; they stated that as ”Don’t just keep your accomplishments to yourself. Create highlight videos and share with friends and family”.

The Keylead of the Hobbi app is taken from Pinterest. But the Hobbi app lacks in search, recommendations, and discoverability like the Pinterest app. The Hobbi app is purely to concentrate and focus on your hobbies only and create the collection of photos in a theme like cooking, gardening, crafts, and arts.

Whereas the Instagram app, which is from Facebook, is a robust app for photo and video editing but Hobbi dont have so many editing options in the app. It is clear that the app is for organizing your creative activities and keeping track of them. The app also assured that it is a family sharing app, and upto six family members can use this app.

The world leader business news CNBC stated that the Pinterest share went down by 4% after the Facebook NPE team announced about the Hobbi app. They stated that “Pinterest shares briefly slid more than 4% in after-hours trading on Thursday after news broke that Facebook has released a competing app”.
But when we visit the app store, the rating given to the app is just 1.4. The given reviews are mostly negative ones saying that the app is the worst clone for Pinterest. Anyways it is too early to decide anything about the app. Maybe it is just like a photo saving gallery type of app.

The CNBC also stated that “Pinterest shares have bounced back from their after-hours lows, but are still about 3% below their closing price”. Maybe this is because of their negative reviews and the low rating in the app store.
Facebook already stated that the NPE team would come up with new ideas, and the ideas may be short term. If Facebook feels the app is not useful, then they will shut down the app like the meme editor app whale.

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