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Facebook’s SDK Error causes Multiple Apps to Crash when Launched, an Issue Faced by iOS Users

Facebook’s SDK error causes multiple apps to crash when launched, an issue faced by iOS users.

Today iOS device users experienced a sudden problem with a lot of their applications, which included popular apps like Spotify, Pinterest, Tinder, etc. These apps were inaccessible today due to an issue with Facebook log-in. However, the issue is now resolved. A lot of the users were reporting simultaneously that the apps were crashing and just not starting up, every time they tried to launch them, and the issue was being faced by iPhone and iPad users only. People were reporting these application crashes on DownDetector.com, all at the same time. The issue was caused majorly due to Facebook’s software development kit, also referred to as SDK. Multiple apps allow user log-ins with the aid of Facebook’s SDK.

Many software specialists affirmed that you do not need to have Facebook installed on your device for this issue to affect you. Some even claimed that you don’t even have to be using Facebook to log into the crashing apps for the glitch to affect the software. However, it was noticed that android users were facing no such issues, or none were reported online or on DownDetector.com. However, Facebook did come ahead and address an issue and that it was being caused due to its software development kit on its developer platform.

In its statement, the firm said that they knew of the trouble being caused by their SDK and that they were actively looking into the matter, they also added that an increase in the number of errors on the iOS SDK was the reason behind some of the apps crashing. A GitHub thread was posted around 7 AM ET in which a lot of developers were reporting issues with their apps, and they blamed Facebook for the whole hiatus. However, more than two hours later, around 9.30 AM ET, numerous developers reported that their apps had started to work again. By 10.30 AM ET, Facebook had changed the official status of the issue as ‘resolved.’

The Developers seemed to be quite annoyed with the app crash, and it was justified on their behalf according to most. Sources have reported that this is not the first time that multiple apps have crashed because of Facebook’s SDK errors, and the number of apps being knocked out was inconveniently large. A similar issue had arisen and was experienced by most, if not all, users on May 6th, where a large number of apps and services were not working for a major part of the day. 

In a statement made in May by developer Guilherme Rambo he said “Facebook pushes developers into installing their SDK, likely because they want the very rich data they can collect on those app’s users” This means that every time facebook’s SDK has some issues, it simultaneously affects all these other apps and thus causes problems for users across a broad base.

Image source: TheVerge

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