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Fallout Shelter now Available on Tesla Displays

Fallout shelter now available on Tesla Displays

‘Fallout shelter’ was launched five years ago for smartphones and was very well received by gamers, and today it has been added to Tesla displays, allowing users to play on their in-car infotainment systems. From smartphones to consoles and now for cars, Fallout shelter has grown owing to the ambition of Todd Howard, the director of Bethesda games.

The software update 2020, which adds ‘Fallout shelter’ to the infotainment systems, allows users to experience the world as it would be in 2048. The game is extremely modern and fares well with most users and allows them to have good playtime while their car is parked. 

Fallout shelter gained popularity because of the post-apocalyptic scenario it was designed around. The users were given the perfect platform where they could build interesting vaults to keep their dwellers safe. As easy as the game sounds, the players would say otherwise. Despite that, all the gamers who love a good game of Fallout shelter are excited about this software update. They can easily operate it now by tapping on the entertainment system. 

It is to be noted that users can only play Fallout through touch screen mode because it still doesn’t support a controller with it. Last year, controller support was added to the arcade, but another update will surely allow that with Fallout too. Hence, it might just be necessary that you play the game only when the car is in the park. 

Certain other updates have also been made with the onset of the new update. The arcade now has a better and improved, which is code for difficult, backgammon games along with chess in the mix. The users have more than just Fallout shelter to be excited about because the new update adds a lot to the good old arcade. 

Tesla is constantly improving on what they already have given to the users and in their cars. All cars might not have the new update just yet, like the Model 3 in this case. Despite that, users can expect improvements and more updates soon. Even the steering wheel now has enhanced functionality because of the toggle controls. 

More controls on the wheel allow owners to play in theatre mode and stream Netflix too. It is just getting better by the day for owners of the Tesla cars. Trax has also been updated instead of the 2020 improvement and now permits users to record songs. All of these features can only be accessed when the car is in ‘Park,’ which is one of the key features of the entire infotainment system provided by Tesla. 

Soon, all users will have a chance to experience all the new features along with Fallout shelter available in the arcade. Luckily few have been able to get their hands on it already and are now having an ultimate experience. Head over to YouTube to see how the users are coping with the excitement of Fallout showing up on Tesla Arcade.

Image source: Techcrunch

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