FBI itself warns the smart TV buyers to be beware of hackers and some security attacks

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FBI warns the smart TV buyers to beware of hackers. The new smart TVs comes with an Internet connection, advanced cameras and microphones. So, if you take any device with an Internet connection, it is definitely prone to security attacks, and these smart TVs are no exception.

The FBI warns specifically the smart TV buyers because as the holiday season is rushing in, many will be wanting to replace their TVs with a new model smart TVs. Many would be thinking of buying an all-in-one system which combines with their entertainment system, instead of opting for a sound control system like Amazon Alexa or others. So, the FBI warns the buyers of smart TVs.

A report says that the sales hit $7.4 billion in the United States of America during the Black Friday. And most of the sales were the new model of smart TVs with an Internet connection, cameras and microphones. Thus, FBI what’s to warn the people about those smart TVs are prone to attacks by the hackers.

That is, hackers can control your smart TV by hacking. They can then control the sound system, choose videos and change the settings. And they can play unwanted videos which is not likely for you and your family. The smart TVs with cameras through which you can live chat with your friends and for user recognition or authentication and for providing apt content based on who is in the front of the TV, all these can also be hacked. Even the microphones used for voice commands is no exception for security threats.

The hackers can see through the camera what you are doing and hear through the microphones your conversations and other things. In case of your computers, you can lock them down and secure the data’s through many methods as it is prone to many attacks. In case of a smartphone, attacks by hackers are less likely. Though, it is not like it has never happened. We have heard about it here and there rarely.

FBI suggests to cello tape the cameras, so they cannot monitor your activities throughout the day. If you look through the FBI warnings and suggestions about matters, they are of course common, and it has received many criticisms for being like that. But, if you dig down the history, the warnings that we said that it is common is of course not so. It has become a serious issue later on in history. So we have to take this issue and warning by the FBI seriously.

FBI just want to educate the people of this problem when still there is enough time. But, the most important privacy risk is the data collection of the users. But this permission is given by the user itself while signing up. That is, the FBI wants you to check on the privacy policies before giving “I agree” in the process of signing up. But, this is a blunder mistake which all does whether it is smart TV or any other electronic device like mobile phones, etc.

So, you have to know the risks and precautions if you have bought a smart TV on black Friday or going to buy one smart TV for cyber Monday. Because with the growth of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and others, people want to invest in these smart TVs to enjoy new movies and other shows and many in these at home with their family and friends.

Thus the FBI says, “Beyond the risk that your TV manufacturer and app developers may be listening and watching you, that television can also be a gateway for hackers to come into your home. A bad cyber actor may not be able to access your locked-down computer directly, but it is possible that your unsecured TV can give him or her an easy way in the backdoor through your router. “

Say, we all know about the incident in which hackers showed that it is possible to hack Google’s Chromecast streaming sticks. That is, the hackers hacked it and showed that they could control the broadcast and broadcast any videos to thousands of victims earlier this year. Also, the Central Intelligence Agency developed the biggest exploits which targeting smart TVs. But, this was stolen by someone, and this was later published by WikiLeaks online.

Also, the issue of smart TV companies collecting tons of data from the user’s smartphone is long-prevailing. Even companies like Samsung and LG collects information about what users are watching. This is collected in order to give relevant suggestions about what next and this also helps advertisers to give ads based on the users.

The problem became big when the smart TV maker Vizio collected information secretly about the users viewing data. Then, Vizio had to pay $2.2 million as a fine for its action. The FBI also suggests keeping one’s smart TVs up-to-date to protect against hackers. And it says the safest smart TV is one that is not connected to the Internet itself.

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