Finally, Google working to fix an issue in Bluetooth Connectivity of its Home Smart Speaker

Those who own the Google Home Smart Speaker are surely aware of the Bluetooth glitch in its making. The issue comes to light whenever you want to connect the home speaker to your smartphone or for that matter, your tablet and would wish to play audio. The situation that strikes within a few minutes of getting connected is a rather problematic one. You can’t even send audio over Bluetooth as such.

After all, no one wants to keep on connecting the device by and by when the so-called “smart” speaker does not budge and instead gets disconnected on its own every time. Users have been using the smart home speakers for over a year since 2018, and a number of people have been taking up the issue in various forum and platforms. It seems that the tech giant has finally taken cognizance of the same matter.

The issue is actually fairly widespread, and a number of posts and threads have spoken about it in volumes. But, hope for all the Google Home owners exists given that the company has not just acknowledged the problem but also informed to be working on a fix to tackle the issue as well. The said solution should be coming up as soon as possible. The solution should already have been found out by now, one user writes.

The problem has been seen in case of the Google Home and Google Nest series of smart speakers. Android Police had spotted Google’s reply to a Twitter complaint and a forum post. Google accepted that there was a need for a fix, and it had already been taking up the issue. It was then that it came to light that Google was finally working on it. There is no doubt that the replies and thereafter, the work to solve the issue has been delayed to no small extent.

The complaints have been reported in many platforms and posts for over a year now. Bluetooth connectivity has always been an important function of any speaker, whether it is smart or not. The Smart Home speakers, for instance, the Google Home ones can be argued to be effectively working on Wi-Fi connectivity and that they do not need Bluetooth connection as such.

But such an argument should not be entertained given that Bluetooth has remained one of the most widely employed connectivity features. The Wi-Fi which has become indispensable on the other hand, lets users stream music by using a list of online services. In case of compatible devices, the audio casting feature is possible and employable too.

Even then, Bluetooth is hands down among the natural choices. In the case of Wi-Fi, you also need an active internet connection which is not just active but stable too. There is no information when the speakers would be ready with the issue having been settled and sorted, but it is a breath of fresh air after so many months of no cognizance.

Image Source: NDTV


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