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Find 50 more animals within Google’s augmented reality search feature

Now, find 50 more animals within Google’s augmented reality search feature

When Google introduced the augmented reality concept while searching for animals on its platform, many kids and even adults were seen snapping pictures standing beside a tiger, cat, dog, and many more. Well, now, Google has added 50 more animals to this list. People can pose with a giraffe, milk cow, cat, zebra, pig, hippo, chow chow, and various breeds of dogs like a beagle, bulldog, and corgi dachshund, and many more.

Google confirmed the latest animal additions via its official Twitter handle. The tweet stated,

“There are 50 new AR animals to discover on Search. Search for your favorite animal on your Google mobile app, tap “View in 3D” to see them in your space, and don’t forget to share your best creations with Google 3D.” Below the tweet, a video of people posing with the newly added animals gives users a first glimpse of how these animals look in the augmented reality world.

Like how it was earlier, this time, the new 3D animals would be available for Android and iOS users. One needs to access the animal’s name in the search field on the mobile’s Chrome browser or even the Google app. After this, one can see an augmented reality card within which the picture of the animal is displayed and the “View in 3D option” is present below the image. 

Clicking on this option would present the animal in 3D form. Here itself, the animal looks quite real, and one can witness it moving. Below the picture of the animal, there is a “View in your space” option. Clicking on this option and then following a series of instructions that come beyond this can help recreate the 3D animal version in his own environment. 

That would be fascinating for children, especially, considering that little ones would enjoy taking pictures standing beside a giraffe or a tiger (which is not possible in reality). Google first introduced this concept sometime around June 2019. During the initial phase, Google had introduced the augmented reality concept for alpine goats, angler fish, bears, emperor penguins, European hedgehogs, lions, tigers, timberwolves, and also dogs and cats.

For the last few months, Google has been adding more and more animals within the 3D area. Back in November, as summer dawned in upon Australia, one could witness the kangaroo and echidna in 3D forms. Prior to that, during Halloween, Google brought about some frightening animals like the dancing skeleton, black cat, and the Halloween character within the augmented reality section. The three latest additions were referred to as the “spooky trio.” 

All of the latest additions would be joining the other augmented reality entities like dinosaurs, insects, planets, the moon, and many objects.

A few months ago, it was reported that age-old beasts could be witnessed within the augmented reality feature in the Google Arts and Culture app. Google established a tie-up with the State Darwin Museum in Moscow and the Natural History Museum in London to bring about animals like existed ages ago like the Aegirocassis (a sea animal that was present about 480 million years ago), the whale skeleton, a trunkfish with spots and many more.

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