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Fios Packages from Verizon to get Free Hulu Subscription

Verizon has been known to offer some great plans to its telecom users. Now, the company is adding some exciting offers for its new and existing users who indulge in buying the Fios service. It is a direct way to promote the service that offers bundled Internet access, telephone, and television service that operates over a fiber-optic communications network.

Verizon’s new deal is meant to entice people towards opting for their service and is very much like the Disney+ promotion deal that was announced last year. Only this time, there are more added benefits than just Disney+. In a bid that the users opt for the more expensive plans that Verizon Fios has to offer, they will be rewarded with 12 months of Hulu free.

Fios users have usually opted for the 400 Mbps plan, which costs $60 and gives 1 year of Disney+ free and a six-month subscription of Hulu. Disney+ had already been there in the plan before this, and now Hulu has been added to the mix. It will be what they would be buying for any new users if they go for the $60 plan.

Verizon Fios has another more expensive $80 plan, which gives the buyer 1 year of Hulu subscription and 1 year of Disney+ as well. Moreover, offers are rather better for Gigabit users because they can get a free router rental along with a free Stream TV if they add on as new users to the service today and till the offer lasts.

On its face, the offer seems like a good deal to any user, but it is a great offer to indulge in. The Android TV set-top box given to Gigabit users would come to $70 if one were to buy it separately in the market. That cost is saved along with the savings you would eventually have on the cellular data plan to which you have unlimited access.

Currently, Verizon Fios has three plans: the $40 plan, the $60 plan, and the $80 Gigabit plan. Users have to make an informed choice after understanding the needs. It is also worth noting that the Hulu subscription being offered is the ad-supported tier of the brand but not the ad-free plan they have. The latter is rather expensive, and none of the two are included in the $40 plan Fios has. It only has a year of Disney+ for free.

Both subscriptions that users would be getting for free in the package, if they wish to avail, will renew automatically once the period you have them for free is up. If you don’t wish to use the post at that time, one should remember to cancel them. The renewed subscription will cost you $13 if you plan to go ahead. The offer remains till 23rd September, and any returning customers are also welcome to go for it.

Image source: TheVerge

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