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Fitbit’s Charge 4 Launches Feature that will Wake you up After you Feel Well-Rested

Fitbit's charge 4 launches feature that will wake you up after you feel well-rested

Now users of Fitbit hand wears can wear them all day every day for a good reason. Fitbit’s Charge 4’s new version has two updated features. These new features will benefit the user’s sleep pattern and exercise timings. The 9to5google team announced the updates in an interview with The verge. The smart wake feature will set a wake-up alarm depending on the time you will feel rested rather than any given time. It could help a lot of people manage their sleep schedules and feel well-rested when they wake up the next day. You can, however, make changes to the suggested wake up time. The suggested time will help you get a well-rested sleep, but you can choose to wake up at your preferred timing.

Another great addition is the Dynamic GPS. This GPS allows your activity tracker to switch to your phone positioning whenever the two are nearby. It allows you not to worry about your activity tracker running out of battery only because you tracked your latest activities or workout sessions. The charge 4 activity tracker’s inbuilt GPS will not work for more than five hours in a single charge. This Dynamic system will help you track more workouts before you need to put it on a charge.

The update is now available to all charge 4 owners. However, a user needs not to buy the hardware from Fitbit, but most people say that it would make a better tracker than an all-inclusive smartwatch. A smartwatch will also require more frequent charging sessions. The smart wake feature will especially come in handy these days. During quarantine, most people have found themselves losing out on sleep. Most have slipped into sleep schedules with extremely odd timings that make them feel tired all day and far from well-rested. The tracker will also allow a lot of people to see their exercise times and calorie intake, which will hopefully drive them towards exercising more. A good amount of exercise and a well-rested sleep is a must to have a healthy body. 

The world is currently battling with a pandemic, and amidst all this, the only way we can ensure our safety is by taking all the preventive measures and building up our immunities so that it can fight the virus off. The Fitbit tracker will help its users in doing exactly that. A good amount of workout, home-cooked food, and a fixed sleep schedule that makes you feel well-rested will come in as a very handy tool to keep up that immunity.

The bonus is that you would not have to charge it multiple times a day. Dynamic GPS will handle that by using your phone’s GPS whenever possible. You will also be able to track most of your activities and keep a better tab on your health due to the increased battery life. Overall the product and its new update are more beneficial than most people perceive it to be.

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