Flappy Royale converts Flappy Bird to a Fortnite version


Flappy Bird, One of the most popular games in the past is turning into Battle Royale mode, to be more precise, it is getting the makeover of Fortnite. The new version of Flappy Bird is going to be called as Flappy Royale and would soon be available in the play store apps. An instant hit during its release, Flappy Bird lost its popularity as new games with different genres came into the show. This has caused a lot of games to lose its popularity and was soon forgotten.

Flappy Bird, when came into the field six years ago, it was an instant hit. This was Developed by Vietnamese games developer Dong Nguyen, the game was in the top list of Google play store for several months and the developer had earned an average of 50,000 USD per day. Though the app is not as popular as it was before, the conversion of the game into Battle Royale mode might cause the app to gain its popularity.

As per latest news, Flappy Royale, developed by Orta Therox and Em Lazer-Walker, combines the flapping gameplay with the battle royale. The player would just have to tap on the bird so as to make it flap and dodge pipes. The battle would be among 100 players and the one who survives the longest would win. The players can see the number of competitors in real time.

The game would start with each player together in a bus and the bird which is the last one standing or flapping wins. The game is quite similar to Mario Royale who had the same goal of “how long can you survive” and had Mario stages instead of Flappy Bird pipes. Just like the new Mario Royale, Flappy Royale also has the same features with a slight difference as stated above. Being a Battle Royale game, everyone would start together on a bus.

The game even has certain customization features, through which the player can customize the game according to their choices. The Flappy Royale even has a feature of “Daily trial” mode which allows the player to have a trial mode preset for them not only for practice but also for gaining points. The trial mode can be played for 10 times which would get the player a spot in the international leaderboard.

The Flappy Royale is available as Beta version in iOS and Android play stores. The full launch of the game is scheduled in late July based on the success of the Beta version. With such games converting into Battle Royale mode, gives off the feeling of nostalgia as these games were a huge hit during the past years and were played with huge enthusiasm with friends.

With new games coming every month, Mario Royale and Flappy Royale have very few chances of getting hit among the kids of the new generation. Only time can tell if these game would become successful as they were before or not. For now, we can try out the Beta version of Flappy Royale and experience the new Battle Royale mode of the game.

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