Florida Man arrested in a nightclub for urinating in Ice Machine

Man arrested for urinating in ice machine Image

A man in Florida was accused of urinating in an ice machine in a nightclub, according to the reports. Yellow snow, as advised, has been said not to eat due to several reasons. While in Florida, many cases have been found about improper urination, which can harm the health of others. Similar cases were found in Walmart’s in the area.

The man arrested is Michael Williams and is of 28 years old. He was said to be attending a “First Friday” party during the weekend in a club in St. Petersburg, known as 260 First where the bash was stated as “Trendy with a touch of class” and had 2 DJs, which even included Spindiana Jones, as found in the report of The Smoking Gun. The charge of arrest was his misconduct and urination in the ice machine, which was witnessed by a man, at around 2:30 on Saturday.

According to the arrest reports, Williams was “intoxicated and causing a disturbance as in urinating inside the ice chest used to distribute ice throughout the establishment.”

The club in which the incident happened is one of the most lively night-out spots where parties happen every night and have an interior comprising of laser lights, video screens, and 3 balconies.

As stated by the witnesses and the people in the club, Williams was on the verge of fighting with the guards when they were trying to thrash him out of the club. The police were immediately informed and when the officers arrested him on the charge stated above, it was even found that the person had a bag of marijuana with him. 

The accused was taken to county jail, from where he was released on the same day with a fine of $400. The rap sheet of Michael Williams consists of felony marijuana conviction which caused him a probation of 18 months.

The action taken was necessary as it had harmed the rules and regulations regarding the safety of people in a public place. The bars and nightclubs should take the responsibility of checking each and every person before allowing him into the nightclub, to ensure that they are not in possession of any harmful objects and drugs. Due to the lack of such responsibility, there have been many cases of drug abduction and similar situations.

While the person was taken into account, the harm that he had done was indeed severe. The act of urinating in the ice machine would now harm the status and reputation of the nightclub as people would think of the club to be unhealthy and not trustworthy.

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