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Food Robots to be Developed by KFC Korea and Hyundai

Food robots to be developed by KFC Korea and Hyundai

KFC Korea is planning on taking its cooking production to another level in collaboration with Hyundai. Hyundai Robotics announced that the company has partnered with KFC Korea to work on robots that can cook. Many details about the deal haven’t been released by either of the companies yet, but KFC Korea plans to put forward its stores and the cooking know-how under the deal between the two. 

A clear trend can be seen in partnerships with this deal, that many automation companies are coming together with food companies to create automated robot technology. It has been seen as an ongoing trend in the industry for the last couple of years. 

Currently, food is being seen as a good test for robot manipulation, and KFC seems to be leading the way towards creating something out of this. It is a great challenge that has been taken up by the fast-food giant and Hyundai. Usually, one would think that food is a rather delicate aspect to be handled by a robot. If the companies working on the technology come up with something good, the possibility of using robotics with more delicate materials would come into being.

The kind of world that has become our new normal in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic needs contactless experiences. With food robots being involved in the industry, this becomes a possible thing one could see in the near future. 

With food robots, everything stopping people from coming into restaurants would be eliminated, as robots wouldn’t get sick, will be able to work the entire day, and the social distancing aspect would be in place without strict enforcement. 

KFC and Hyundai’s partnership is only the latest one in the book. Like Panasonic and China’s Haidilao hot pot, many other companies have already partnered up way before in time to open up a robot run kitchen. Even LG and Korea’s Woowa are both still working together to create server robots. 

KFC has been one of the foremost companies to embrace technology in cooking and food production. Their restaurant tech innovation game has been strong and has become more solidified with additions over the recent years. 

To top off the plans KFC Korea has, KFC in Russia has a Moscow location working with the help of conveyor belts and devices to make the meal serving process completely automated. Even earlier this year, it was announced that 3D bioprinters are being used to produce chicken meat for restaurants. 

The path of food automation that has been taken up by KFC will benefit the brand in the future, and in the current scenario, adapting to forthcoming changes is a much-needed strategy. Things might not go back to the way they were before COVID-19 for restaurants, at least, but food automation seems to be a workaround for it.

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