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Foodpanda Tests Drone Delivery of Food in Singapore

Foodpanda tests drone delivery of food in Singapore

A recent shipping adventure by Foodpanda was the delivery of five packets of Ayam Penyet in Singapore. The delivery location was 3 kms offshore while the drone was launched from Marina South Pier.

The order of the fried chicken dish was for a group of seafarers on the Posh Bawean. The vessel under this name has been designed to facilitate crew changes during the tough time brought forward by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Foodpanda was able to deliver food to an extreme location like this because of the collaboration with DroNet. The company has been developed as a drone network system by Singapore Technologies (ST) Engineering.

DroNet’s plans revolve around food delivery and picking up of orders around the island, with the help of delivery riders that Foodpanda already has. The delivery brand has been dubbed as Pandafly so that DroNet has a successful partnership with the food delivery company.

Luc Andreani, Managing Director of Foodpanda Singapore, mentioned in a statement on the new venture, “The objective for us is to use PandaFly as a means to bring all the choices we have in one area of the country… everywhere in the country. We can do island-wide deliveries high food quality to customers.”

Deliveries will be made easy with the new initiative of Foodpanda and DroNet. The drones will carry 2 KG of weight and travel up to a distance of 54 kms as well. It would result in delivery in remote locations and avoiding traffic at all. Delays in delivery wouldn’t be an issue anymore if the business model here is replicated widely.

Drones can fly in a straight line without obstruction like the delivery partners usually faces on the road. This benefit gives Pandafly an edge and sets the venture apart from others. Even though the proposed project is still under development, the response has been great so far.

The prototype phase for Pandafly is being implemented currently, and both partners believe that the commercial stage will be achieved within 3 years. It has many potentials to make food delivery cheaper and easier for many food deliveries companies. When developed completely, the business model can be adapted by many others in their way.

The main idea behind the introduction of Panda Fly is to make delivery cheaper and ensure that a stable delivery fee is maintained without the usual factors influencing it. Customers shouldn’t feel a difference except for the positive change brought in by drone delivery.

Foodpanda has done many test runs and prototype testing of delivery models before this. In 2015, the first test was done with drone delivery in Singapore. Other drone service companies, including F-drones, are also experimenting in the same field. The company completed its trial run in April this year, which went by successfully.

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