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Finally, Fornite’s Chapter 2 is here with a new look after the end of Season 10

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With a brand new part of Fortnite that has officially reached our disposal, one can only say that the excitements are ablaze. Gamers’ joy knew no bounds when they saw the black hole cliffhanger done with the onset of Chapter 2.

Fortnite’s battle royale game is one game filled with twists and turns and lasts for 10 weeks every season. Every season has one mega final that sets the ground for the upcoming season. Such is the wave of popularity that when the game went offline for around 40 hours after a mega event that led to the resolving of Season 10, gamers went crazy. Simply because, in place of the hints of another season heading towards the players, all they could see was the island getting stuck in the black hole. Hence the game could not be seen to be played any further.

Now although the game returned, there was this Chapter 2, after season 10 instead of getting season 11. Needless to say, gamers got a pleasant shock that developer Epic Games was calling Chapter 2. The developer Epic has fuelled the regular Fortnite with a brand new Chapter 2, which puts in the picture, exotic and unchartered locations to explore. The season has been meticulously designed with a new map and locations donning the blue colour with a lot more water. There are 13 new locations nearby the island.

It is equipped with exciting new weapons, totally killing characters and lofty actions like the ability to swim and carry the other players, which adds to the thrill. They have included new multiplayer emotes as well that help you to co-ordinate dances with friends.

There are exciting new weapons including a rocket launcher, and one semi-automatic pistol among other variants of the earlier weapons too. And from its appearance, Fortnite Chapter 2 has come this time with an attractive visual upgrade, with DrLupo from the DrLupo Twitch Stream saying that “The graphics genuinely makes it look like a brand new game”.

According to sources, this time the island looks much more beautiful and wild. The graphics appear even more passionate than its predecessor and other previous seasons. Designed with plenty of graphics that boast of greeneries and blues everywhere, nature looks a lot more glamorous. Involving forests, mountains, and lakes, the Epic Games developers have introduced very much lesser cities unlike that were on previous seasons.

The plenty of greenery reminds of the early seasons of Fortnite. In what seems a whole new game, there is this familiarity; the very own flying battle bus would be still there in your service to carry you into battle. Undoubtedly the makers have designed this Chapter 2 with precision using new gameplay features like new vehicles to carry you around, fishing and swimming into the waters, using sticks and what not! Again, inputs from previous parts too have been incorporated.

A gamer reported that you could hide yourself better now. Several options have been put in place, including ducking in haystacks or those dumpsters. So with a breath of relief that comes with this new Chapter 2, players are all excited. The developers have timed this launch to tame the players’ excitement really well!

About Downloading:

To download this Chapter 2 on Android or iOS (mobile), you’ll need the APK launcher and that too from the Epic Games website. This season of Fortnite, Chapter 2 is a 5.27GB download, around a third compared to the large 14.9GB on PC. On consoles, it weighs a 13GB download.

If you can’t wait for it to be downloaded to take a peek, then the official Fortnite Twitter account was there for you people. They live-streamed a playtest of the refreshed Fortnite Chapter Two game that was on an entirely new island map.

The Fortnite battle royale island game continues to enhance its features and looks with every new season, evolving through updates. Apparently, that’s the reason players are hooked to the game consistently.

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  1. A whole new world to swim in? We expected a new map after the previous island was destroyed by that pesky black hole and we were right. There’s a brand new island to play around in with 13 different areas, which seem to feature a lot more mountains and water features (rivers, lakes, beaches) along with brand new swim and dive mechanics. You can even eat fish to refill your HP, for some reason.

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