The creators of ‘Fortnite’ now have more than 85 million people using their store to buy games on PC


Steam and the Epic games store have around 85 million active users. This has been the estimated calculation after the day the company started a few eliminations such as the Control, Heavy Rain, Solar Ash, and Detroit. In an interview the boss of Epic Games store, Tim Sweeny has a success of Fortnite and their focus on the eliminations such as Metro: Exodus in between the others. However, the exclusions of the games are not accepted by some of the PC gamers. The Epic has no plans to continue such exclusions in the future.

The Fortnite’s success and few of the other free games is what holding the 85 million gamers to the site of Epic as stated by Sweeney in a recent interview. There has been a huge success to some other games as well and the greatest example of that is the Metro. He further states that the eliminations of some of the games were important for the success of the company. With the success of Steam and the games offered by them at their rate, it was not comfortable for Epic to decide the amount for the public on the games. Exceed in games with steam in various situations has been a great experience for the Epic store.

The Epic games store owner, Steve Allison in the GDC 2019 Q and A session, stated that there will be very less to no elimination at all in the future. They do not intend to do it forever and that the financial and success of the company has come to an understanding between the sales and users perspective.

Some of the game exclusives by the Epic games store in 2019 include The cycle, Control, Industries of titan, Journey to the Savage planet, Kine, Phoenix point, The sinking city, Spellbreak, Solar ash kingdom, Heavy rain and many more. The statistics shared by the epic games store show a two and a half times success of Metro: Exodus than that of Metro: Last light. This was good news for the fans and the games switch to epic games store has been a huge success.

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