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Fortnite now Available for Download on the Google Play Store

Fortnite now available for download on the Google Play Store

Because of various pragmatism, ideas, and rules, the Epic Games have been avoiding to release the battle royale game Fortnite in the Google Play Store for a long time. But it has finally given way to it, and the Company has launched this epic shooter game in the Play Store, making it available for download for every Android user. Now a user does not have to go through the trouble of downloading the Epic’s custom software or even go through having a Samsung device to be able to use it.

The Company is although happy with the fact that they have started catering to more users now, but initially, while talking to The Verge, the Epic Games developers had a different concern to say. The Company mentioned that Google was bullying developers and companies to give them a 30 percent cut of all the purchases made on their app and also forcing them to offer titles through the play store. But looking at the current scenario, it is safe to assume that the Company is over it now, and Epic Games have found themselves compromising and adjusting to the demands made by Play Store.

“Scary, repetitive security pop-ups” and hostile characterizations are some of the factors on which Google relied upon to put non-play store titles as a part of the Google Play Protect policy. This acts as a kind of disadvantage according to the Epic Company. The Company also said that they had no choice but to go with the terms of the policy. Still, they have surely called upon Google to change their existing policies and to make sure that every developer is competing on a level playing field in terms of payments and all kinds of services by Google.

Epic has already railed about Google asking for a 30 per cent cut and had also called it an illegal practice. But Google was firm on its stand and rejected the argument by saying that they do not want to play favorite and their policy lets them invest in the market. Epic, on the other hand, sells Fortnite on the Apple Store, where non-app store titles are also not allowed. But the Apple store has exceptions for apps that are still on the beta testing phase or are on an enterprise rollout.

No matter what case Epic brings against Google, the fact of the matter is that the Company is doing better business now with the entry of Fortnite in the Google Play Store. The number of users playing the game has drastically increased, and many of the users that were unable to play the game before have already downloaded it and are now spending their quarantine days on it. The Company is looking at this new scenario as an opportunity to cater to those minority of people that were unable to play the game before and are focusing less on survival.

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