France fines Google $167 million for its bad and erotic advertisement policies

Google has been long discriminated for its bad and erotic advertisement policies and even other regulations as they are not transparent as it should be. France fined Google $167 million for its advertisement policies especially. The tech giant is having a larger market share in the advertising field. Due to this reason, it plays a dominant role in the tech field, and it also holds a larger responsibility too.

France fined Google because it abuses it’s power and gives advertisements without the users choice or will. Google, due to this issue and having a dominant position in the market, it does not ask the user for customization and displays erotic advertisements on the side of each and every search without any users consent or permission.

France competition authority fined Google nearly EUR 150 million for its never stopping behaviour. The money is approximately 167 million in US dollars and 1,200 crores in Indian rupees. The French regulator announced about the fine thrown in Google on Friday. It is losing loyalty and trust from the customers being the world’s largest company.

The French regulator also asked the tech giant Google to “clarify the operating rules of its Google Ads advertising platform and the procedures for suspending the accounts. “He said to completely explain the rules and regulations of the advertisement platform being followed and implemented by Google. He also asks for stopping or blocking or even suspending the account, when it is completely not required.

Chief Isabella de Silva said that this penalty which was filed against the US tech giant is the third-largest penalty. Specifically, the one which is issued for the abuse of its power and market dominance. She said, “when you great power, you also have great responsibilities.” She also added that Google has a market share of 90 to 100 per cent. And also it is one of the biggest companies to excel in the field of search-based advertisement. And, it is obviously because of its famous search engine.

Google is not transparent and clear with its rules and regulations in terms of advertisements. Isabella said that they have no issues with Google establishing or adding rules to its search based on advertisement system. That is, Google rules say that your advertisements will be customized according to your searches or based on your searches. But, Isabelle says that Google must be more clear on its rules and regulations.

Google actually displays advertisements which have no relation to the rules displayed on the Google platform. She also adds the rules specified in are very erotic. France also has asked Google to submit the measures that it is going to implement in order to solve the problems. France has asked Google to submit the complete detailed proposal of measures in two months.

This fine was mainly imposed on Google because France and even other European countries are largely critical for maintaining high levels of scrutiny. Especially on major US companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. As these pay lower taxes, and they are largely criticized for it.

Google agreed to pay 1 billion dollars as fine to France as they were accused of a fraud case. They agreed to pay the money to settle the issue. Earlier in January, the France watchdog fined Google 50 million as the company had violated some of the rules of the European Union online privacy rules. The French watchdog said that Google lacked transparency in how it handles the collected user’s personal information.

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