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FreshDirect employee infected with COVID-19; company claims he was not into any food preparation and delivery

FreshDirect employee infected with COVID-19;

An employee of FreshDirect, a famous grocery chain in the United States, has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The company has intimated all its customers via an email stating that one of their warehouse workers is tested positive. CEO of FreshDirect, David McInerney, further stated that the employee in question was not reporting to work from the time he started feeling sick and uneasy. In his letter, McInerney had mentioned: “The employee has not been in the facility since March 12th when he reported feeling unwell in the early shift.” 

The worker was also not directly involved in any food preparation or delivery services, from the perspective of FreshDirect. 

This news is not at all surprising, because the coronavirus pandemic has spread around the world. In the US itself, according to the present-day statistics, roughly about 8000 people have been infected with the virus. Owing to the fear of the COVID-19 virus, People prefer to stay indoors. Naturally, the demand for online food and grocery has increased. People are preferring to get their groceries delivered at their doorstep rather than stepping out.

In fact, during the previous week, it was observed that the online delivery system was being slammed. Apparently, due to a high rush of orders, customers were getting the following message before placing their orders: “Due to high demand, delivery time slots are filling up faster than usual, so please plan.”

In the letter mailed to customers, McInerney has stated that the organization has kept a backup plan ready and the course of action that needs to be undertaken ready in the event any such kind of situation occurs.

He further stated that “This occurrence triggered the implementation of our COVID-19 response protocol, as well as a deep cleaning of the impacted area, its equipment, and all other appropriate business areas.”


He also mentioned that the infected employee has presently put himself into self -isolation, and he is found to be stable and to do good.

With COVID-19 taking the entire world by storm, undoubtedly, each one of us over here would keep on listening or hearing to such kinds of news reports. Essential services like groceries would continue, as usual, the only thing is that people now prefer getting everything delivered to their homes. Food and grocery businesses are expected to continue as usual. It is expected to continue even as other businesses are suffering badly. 

Companies are forbidding sick employees from coming and working in offices. Workers are even prohibited from coming to their workplace in case they are feeling sick or tired. A major issue everywhere is that there is a shortage of testing kits. Moreover, safety issues are also a matter of concern. With problems like these, people do not want to take any chances, and thus, they prefer staying in their homes. 

Let us sincerely hope that the world fights out coronavirus and comes out of this difficult phase very soon.

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