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Fujifilm all set to launch an X-T200 camera with clearer video

Fujifilm introduces new X-T200 camera with better video

Fujifilm is all ready to get on board its latest venture – the X-T200 camera. This is the successor to the X-T100 mirrorless camera that was introduced in 2018. The latest one comes with a built-in electronic viewfinder. If we go by the overall looks, there is not much difference between X-T200 and X-T100. However, one major change here is that the latest model weighs lesser as compared to the earlier one. That is, X-T200 is 80g (2.82oz) lesser as compared to X-T100.

What are the features of X-T200?
The X-T200 comes with a vari-angle LCD touchscreen measuring about 3.5 inches. This can be tilted in any direction when it is flipped on the external side, thereby helping in framing the vlogs. It comes with a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor which has a quality of complete phase-detection that would enable it to have more coverage, thereby improving its autofocus feature. This is also inclusive of the face and eye detection. With an increase in its autofocus personality, data is processed about 3.5 times quicker when compared to the X-T100 camera.

The camera is also equipped with gyro-sensors, that enable the “Digital Gimbal Function.” These help to improve video quality. Fujifilm states that gyro-sensors help in smoothening the video-quality to such a great extent which even smartphones are unable to. Basically, these sensors help in video-stabilization.

With all these additional characteristics, the picture quality is improved drastically. Also, the “rolling-shutter effect” is reduced at the time of a video shoot.

Speed of the camera
The device is also supportive of HDR and 1080p video whose speed is set to 120 frames per second. The HDR feature is available for video-shooting as well as for capturing photographs. Another new addition is that the speed of 4K video has been upgraded to 30 frames/sec. Earlier, it was 15 frames/sec, which was pretty low.

Pricing details
The X-T200 is priced at $700, which is about $100 more than X-T100. This is the price of just the body of the camera. However, the cost of the camera would be priced at $800 if it comes with a 15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 power zoom lens. This is expected to arrive in the market sometime around the last week of February. There are three color options available – silver, dark silver, and champagne.

The APS-C Prime lens
Apart from the camera, Fujifilm has also created a new APS-C lens called the Fujinon XC 35mm f/2 lens. It comes with a focal length of 52mm, and its weight is about 130g. It is quite portable and can be carried anywhere. It also comes at a decent price.

The lens comprises of 9 different elements created in 6 different groups. There are two aspherical elements that are expected to help is producing sharp and good quality crisp images. A stepping motor has been embedded within the lens for enabling silent and quick autofocus feature.

This lens is also expected to come on board along with X-T200 sometime towards the end of February.

Image Source: The Verge

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