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Galaxy Z Fold 2 is Quite Different from its Earlier Version

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is quite different from its earlier version

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 images were leaked online even before Samsung showcased it at an Unpacked event during the first week of August. Users had a very fair idea of how the device looked like before it was unveiled. The exclusive Samsung Fold 2 event is slated to happen on September 1. However, a video review of Fold 2 has been uploaded on DroidLife that gives the users a lot of insights into how the device is and what all it can do. Although the review has been done in Chinese and not English, the Fold 2 view is available in a lot of angles in the video. One can also understand how this device is different from that of Samsung Galaxy Fold-its predecessor.

For those who understand Chinese, this video review would be all the more helpful for them. The video gives an idea as to how the Maps feature can be used in the device. It also demonstrates how games can be played, or selfies can be clicked. It is quite clear that selfies can be captured on this device with the rear camera’s help. The outside screen acts as the viewfinder. It is somewhat similar to that of the Asus Zenfone 6. 

The video also sheds light on the sound quality of the device speakers, which looks to be quite premium compared to many other phones. With the initial fold itself, it is well understood that the feature has gotten an upgrade. The display seems to be quite larger as compared to the previous Fold device. However, it is also slimmer compared to the earlier one. 

The big-sized cutout, along with a bezel that occupied the front portion of the camera, has been removed for good. This kind of setup looked quite odd on a $2000 phone. And now, in Fold 2, a punch-hole lens sits on the frontal camera section. The hinge design in Fold 2 has also been changed for good. The leaks reveal that the hinge has been completely covered to prevent the entry of dust and dirt. 

The video also depicts the screen rotation functionality of Fold 2. There is also a demonstration of Fold 2’s Flex mode functionality. When the Flex mode is activated, the screens on both sides of the fold are treated as separate ones. 

Samsung is expected to give a lot more information about the new fold device in the upcoming days. The pricing, as well as the release date, too, should be coming out shortly. The pre-orders for Fold 2 should start when all the details are out. However, those who wish to register for the 5G version of the device can do so by visiting the Samsung website. 

The previous phone’s release date was delayed as it had some issues with its fold design. It is what exactly prompted Samsung to redesign the fold section on this phone. Let us hope that this device does not encounter such issues. For now, we need to see what uncovers during the event on September 1.

Image Source: Engadget

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