Gear Up to Enjoy the Warmth Coming in KFC’s Fireplace Logs that Remind you of Fried Chicken

Well, the cold weather has also arrived along with the holiday season. And the most important thing during such times is nothing but enjoying with family and friends beside a fireplace. 

However, to provide a better warmth along with an awesome aroma, KFC has again brought back its logs for the fireplace. Now, there is something special about these logs. When burnt, these logs let out an aroma that reminds everyone of fried chicken.

The fast-food chain has launched its very own Yule Log, which, when burnt in the fireplace, would fill up the entire house with an amazing aroma, reminding everyone of KFC’s signature treat, called the ‘11 Herbs and Spices.’ KFC has been launching this special scented fire log for the past three years, mostly during the holiday season. The firelog is also named after the dish and is referred to as the ‘KFC 11 Herbs and Spices Firelog.’

When burnt, the aroma of the dish would be all over the place. The warmth and the enjoyment experienced would be very much like that of the “Extra Crispy drumsticks,” which is usually found in the bottom-most section of a bucket filled with KFC Fried Chicken. These are the details depicted in the description of the firelog.

That would be liked by environment-friendly enthusiasts too, for the firelog consists of only recycled materials. The waxed form of cardboard is much better than the normal firewood, as Best Products puts it. KFC’s special scented fire log is manufactured after recycling this waxed cardboard. The log has a burning capacity of anywhere between 2 and 3 hours during one use to add to its benefits. It makes it quite efficient in terms of its usage.

People can choose to purchase this before and use it during Christmas celebrations when most friends and family come over for gathering. There is no fear of this firelog losing its essence or aroma, as it does not have any defined period assigned to it before it needs to be used up. However, there is a word of caution here. KFC advises its customers to keep these firelogs dry and prevent it from getting wet or moist. Moreover, it is better to keep these things stored in such a place where pets cannot reach, as there is a fear of this product getting damaged in such cases.

The product description further adds that users would be tempted to gorge on fried chicken, owing to the aroma coming in from the fire log and advises people to refrain from putting their face right into the fire in an attempt to smell the tasty dish. If not careful, taking one’s face very close to the fire could result in something very grave.

The KFC 11 Herbs and Spices Firelog can be purchased from Walmart for $15.88. Amazon, too, has this product on its list. Various sellers are selling this product on the retail platform. 

So, fried chicken lovers, please go ahead and get these chicken-smelling fire logs for your fireplace before stocks run out. You are sure to enjoy the holiday season.

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