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General Motors shares details on 12 out of 20 upcoming electric vehicles

GM details 12 out of its range of 20 electric vehicles

As many companies are moving towards sustainability, General Motors is also playing its part by introducing a line of 20 electric vehicles which is set to be in the market in the next two to three years. GM has stated that they plan to make their electric vehicles available by 2023, as it has been mentioned in their sustainability report for the current year.

The 20 electric vehicles that GM plans to launch soon are from many of its popular brands, including Cadillac, GMC, Chevrolet, and Buick. All of them will be using GM’s new modular EV architecture, called Ultium, which has been designed specifically for the electric vehicles that GM plans to develop shortly.

As the company has informed it, buyers can expect the electric vehicles to have a range of even 400 miles along with an acceleration of 0-60 in just three seconds. The platform developed by GM will also add features like front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel-drive to the electric vehicles.

Out of the 20, 12 have been detailed out in terms of their features by General Motors. Very specific details haven’t been mentioned, but it looks like GM is all set to go completely in with the electric vehicle technology.

Cadillac Lyric was the first model that was announced out of all the electric vehicles. It will also be the first Cadillac branded electric vehicle, and the expected price will be around $75000. The entire design of one of the Cadillac’s would focus on its interiors and cargo capability. Buyers might see another electric vehicle which is to be a crossover between the current Cadillac and XT5.

Another Cadillac brand electric vehicle would be the Cadillac Celestiq statement vehicle which has also been announced previously and will be priced at $200,000. This one would be more of an ultra-luxury vehicle and is supposed to be handmade in many aspects as well.

Under the GMC brand that General Motors has, two main electric vehicles have been revealed as of now. One is the GMC Hummer Truck which would be a 1000 HP electric truck, and the other would be the GMC Hummer SUV which would be sporting similar features as to the Hummer Truck but has been built like an off-road SUV.

According to sources, Chevrolet brand from General Motors has received maximum uproar given the vehicles under it would have access to a range of more than 400 miles on a charge. For now, an Electric Chevy truck is where we would see this feature, and except for that, there would be a mid-size SUV for the American market specifically.

The Buick brand electric vehicles under the whole range by GM would focus more on the interiors and the form of the cars, hence one of them would be a traditional crossover that is built around increasing the interior space. Another one would also be there with more expressive form and proportions.

All the electric vehicles planned to be launched will be allocated more than $20 billion of resources in terms of capital and engineering by the company. Within the next five years, GM would be accelerating their approach and development in the field.

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