Is Google copying lyrics from Google responding to that Claim

The well-known company, Google is being accused of copying lyrics from, why? Well, Genius Media has enough proof for it. Earlier, when we used to type any song on Google search, the result also included the lyrics of the song in a box, which proved to be essential for the users. On the other hand, Genius Media is one of the best company that specializes in lyrics and they have stated that Google has been copying the lyrics from them, since quite a few years, without giving any credit.

Genius has been known as the “platform for annotating clever rap lyrics” and has been exploring in the field of music since 2009. Here, music fans can discuss music, songs and other things related to music. According to The Wall Street Journal, Genius has brought its complaint with the search giant for years, but all in vain; nothing has been done for this.

So, to save its lyrics, Genius has created a new feature which would notify the site if anyone is copying or reposting their lyrics; by using a series of alternating straight and curved apostrophes in the lyrics which perform the work of a watermark. When these Morse codes are converted or translated, they form the words, “Red Handed” which clearly says that the person or site copying the lyrics form Genius Media has been caught red-handed.

When confronted, Google told WSJ that it licenses the content from a third party called LyricFind Inc. and also stated that the search giant takes, “data quality and creator rights very seriously and hold our licensing partners accountable to the terms of our agreement.” Meanwhile, LyricFind has denied that it took them from Genius. Google has also stated that “We’re investigating this issue with our data partners and if we find that partners are not upholding good practices we will end our agreements.”

On the other hand, LyricFind, a Canada based lyric licensed company which serves around 5000 companies, has provided a long report to The Wall Street Journal accusing the paper of repeating inaccurate claims by Genius. The company even said that the lyrics that it has provided to Google were already confirmed by WSJ and also that, “Google licenses lyrics content from music publishers and from LyricFind. To accuse them of any wrongdoing is extremely misleading.”

There has been a lot of chaos in the music industry regarding this matter. Genius stated that for releasing the lyrics of Designer’s hit song “Panda”, the site took help from the rapper itself as the lyrics were difficult to understand. The same lyrics were found on after days of its release in Genius; which clearly shows how Google had stolen the lyrics from Genius, whether knowingly or not it is yet to be found.

For now, the US Department Of Justice is reportedly planning to do an antitrust investigation against Google for its certain business practices which would further reveal many such secrets or illegal things that have been going on in the company for a while that too right under Google’s nose.

Furthermore, because of these disputes, Google decided to cite the provider of the lyrics that it is using to show the user in its search results.


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