Get a $399 Worth of Free Bedding Items on Purchasing a Nectar Mattress

When it comes to purchasing mattresses, one can go for Nectar mattresses without an iota of doubt. Nectar brand mattresses are one of the most sought after ones in America. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is a favorite amongst many, owing to the comfortable sleep it offers. Currently, Nectar has an offer where one gets bedding items worth $399 free on purchasing any mattress. So people looking to get some new mattresses, it is advisable to go for the Nectar brand ones now, especially with this offer looming around.

This offer is valid until September 14. Customers can choose to purchase the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress for $499, which is already $300 below its original price of $799. On top of it, these buyers are subject to receive a few bedding accessories amounting to $399 free of charge. With the mattress purchase, customers are bound to receive two premium pillows worth $150, a mattress protector worth $99, and a cotton sheet set worth $150 absolutely at no costs. 

All the bedding mentioned above accessories can also be obtained via the Nectar Lush Mattress purchase, which is available for sale at $999. This mattress already has a $100 sale going on. 

Very recently, a few scientific and experimental tests were conducted on mattresses from various brands. The tests were carried out by a few professional analysts in which they went as far as cutting out the mattresses and checking its materials under a microscope. A few others chose to sleep on a few of these mattresses for a few days to find out the comfort levels that these have to offer. Undoubtedly, Nectar was rated to be the overall favorite in all these factors. 

The Nectar brand of mattresses strikes a perfect balance between the stiffness and the softness factors essential for any mattress. These are made with a triple-layer of foam – a gel memory foam measuring an inch, a cooling foam with a depth of 3-inches followed by a heavy density layer established at the base of the mattress. It has been made to offer the correct amount of support that is essential for a mattress. 

The mattress proved to be extremely comfortable for the lady who was the tester for this one. The lady, along with her partner and their cat, could sleep very comfortably on this one. Moreover, there was no kind of motion disturbance. The tester even tried to test this aspect by placing a wine glass on the mattress, after which she asked her partner to jump and kick around, trying to check if the wine glass got disturbed in any manner. However, to their pleasant surprise, not once did any such thing happen. The wine glass did not fall at all. With this, it is proved that one person’s movement on the mattress will not wake up the other person sleeping on the other side.

People looking out to invest in mattresses can do so now. Along with the individual cuts in these mattresses’ prices, the bedding items offer something that one should not give a miss. A 365-day trial period is available for all these mattresses, so people looking to get these from a testing perspective can also try. 

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