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Get an Insight into Google’s Latest Chromecast, a Week Before it is Unveiled

Get an insight into Google’s latest Chromecast, a week before it is unveiled.

Google TV’s upcoming Chromecast pics have surfaced once again, giving users a detailed insight into its hardware and user interface. Interestingly, Walmart has already put up this Chromecast for sale, a week before it gets officially revealed. The latest leak follows the purchase of this Chromecast from a Walmart store by a Reddit user, u/fuzztub07, who has provided a lot of information regarding the same. It also includes photographs of the device hardware along with its user manual. The Redditor has also posted a video with regards to the device user interface. 

Users already have a rough idea regarding the device and its overall functionalities, owing to the numerous leaks that have surfaced over the past few months. Google TV dongle is an Android TV, which is now referred to as Google TV. The streaming functionality can be controlled with the help of a remote. However, Chromecast streaming is also possible with apps that are compatible with the device. 

Along with the photographs and the user interface video, u/fuzztub07 has also been giving out interested users with many details regarding the Google TV dongle, apart from actively providing answers to their queries regarding the device. A photograph of the device manual is also available, which describes how the Chromecast works along with the remote of the Google TV. The photographs also depict what comes within the box. The device gets its power from a USB-C. The remote is equipped with two AAA batteries. 

The Redditor has also gone through the user interface of the Chromecast and has posted a video of the same. This video gives a very fair idea regarding what all apps would be supported on the device and how the overall interface is. Apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, YouTube TV, Sling, Hulu, Peacock, and HBO Max should work with the Chromecast. The device also supports music streaming apps like Spotify

The interface also consists of an exclusive gaming section. These include games that require a remote for playing. Some games have the requirement of a gamepad. However, Google Stadia, the tech giant’s game streaming service, is not supported by the Chromecast. 

It is more than obvious that users would be inquisitive to know as many details as possible about the device. Hence, they have been bombarding u/fuzztub07 with a lot of queries. Here is a synopsis of the device in general with details known so far:

  • The device is available in Walmart stores for $49.98. Thus, this would mostly be its retail cost. 
  • The device has no Ethernet port.
  • The Chromecast is compatible with 4K/HDR.
  • The APKs can be sideloaded on the device from any anonymous sources.
  • The remote can navigate in four directions.
  • The device interface is developed on Android 10. It has been given the brand name of Google TV
  • The device is capable of working with more than one user account.
  • Both Bluetooth headphones can be paired.
  • The home screen consists of a lot of content that can be watched. These even include content from apps that have not been installed. If the user wishes to view any content from such an app, they would have to install the app first. 
  • The dongle is compatible with HDMI-CEC. It would enable it to establish control over the TV into which it is plugged. The device does not contain any other built-in IR blasters.

The Google TV Chromecast is expected to be showcased on September 30th. Considering that Walmart has already put the device up for sale, we can expect this to be released pretty soon. 

Image source: TheVerge

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